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The Transcendent Key

Has Anyone Played The Xenosaga Games?

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Hey there everyone, how's it going?  Well then, as you all know, I am very fond of role playing games.  Heck, I should rephrase that.  Role Playing Games are my favorite type of genre in video games because of how much depth, story and challenge are integrated into each RPG I play.  So then, with that being said, there's this trilogy of games that I suddenly remembered about called Xenosaga.  I remembered reading articles about the games in old Game Informer Magazines, and I always read good things about those games.

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So then, have any of you here played these games?  And are they good?  I still have my Playstation 2, so I'd be able to get the games from Amazon.com!  So then, as I asked, what is your opinion on the Xenosaga franchise?  But don't spoil anything please, because I don't want to know anything vital so I can play these games for myself! X3

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My dad played them when I was younger, and he would always tell me how good they were. I haven't tried them yet, but I probably will one of these days. 

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