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Need in help of voice actors for Xehanort and Riku secret KH project

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So i have just finished a secret KH project and almost everything is done the only thing that's missing is voice actors for Riku and Xehanort. Don't worry the characters only have one line per character and since this project is a trailer that will run on around 1:55 to 2:10 minutes will be really easy for the lines. I really need help to finish this project and I thought posting it here where we all are KH fans would maybe help me I would be really grateful.


Here are the lines 


Riku's voice must sound very serious like the Ansem/Riku in KH1


Line Riku: Sora join me into darkness so we can save Kairi!


For Xehanort's line the voice must sound really deep like Xehanort and must be said like really creepy.


Line Xehanort: All the hearts are born into darkness as they will die in darkness.


For whoever chose to do the voice for one of these characters will be credited in the credits of the trailer that will appear at the end of the trailer where all the voice actors will be credited. 

Must include: your voice must be very clear and no blurry sound in the background. Speak so that you can be heard because the trailer's music is pretty loud.


The trailer features CGI scenes from the KH franchise and includes Passion from KH2. However the logo and some visual effects are made by me since I work in After Effects program. 


For whoever wants to voice for one of these characters must send me a mp3 file of the person doing the voice so I can add it later to the project. 


Send me the mp3's as fast as possible so that there won't be any delays on my email sebma@live.se


You can also find out more information of this project on http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/IwasBornAsVentus/casting-call/If-Kingdom-Hearts-Was-A-Disney-Movie/


Here's the logo I made Posted Image

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