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The Transcendent Key

One Of My Favorite Tracks In 2.5, Remastered! :D

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Hey there everyone, how's it going!?  Well, as you can probably already tell, my excitement for 2.5 is killing me and rocking me to my core! And well, as I was searching for music to listen to, I wanted to listen to Kingdom Hearts II's version of "He's A Pirate", and I stumbled upon the orchestrated 2.5 version, and let me say...it blew my mind!  Here's a comparison between the two so you can hear the differences!


Here's the PS2 version.



And here's the 2.5 version!


Good lord, the 2.5 version sounds just like the one from the films! It gave me the feels of nostalgia and excitement because shit, Port Royal is probably one of my favorite worlds in Kingdom Hearts II, and hearing this orchestrated version really psyches me up even more for 2.5!!! I need 2.5 now!!!! D:


I'm guessing all of you obviously love the 2.5 version, but I'll ask anyway, which version of "He's a Pirate" do you like most? :3

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