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What is realism and how has it been used in Zelda U? (based on the e3 trailer)

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I know that we don't know much about zelda u, but  I can't really seem to connect realism with zelda u that good. Here is a quote that says that zelda u has realism. 




“I was told by many people that it was ‘beautiful,’ Aonuma said. “I thought about various ways to make the graphical style fit the vast new Zelda world; imitating the real world attached an important feeling of realism, and making it look different to the past [Zelda titles], this was done by drawing inspiration from Japanese animations. Now, compared to what we showed you at E3, it has become something even more amazing.”

It is found on this website http://mynintendonews.com/2014/11/30/zelda-wii-us-visual-style-draws-inspiration-from-anime/

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