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Alicia Maddox

One Dong To Rule Them All!

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Hey guys, hadn't made a topic in a while, so I thought this would be the perfect time to do so. So this evening, me and Amber Cole were chatting on facebook(her family is making a LOOOOOONG family trip from Florida to Texas) and this convo happened. xDHer and I were sharing our favorite songs. She was showing me a song from The Hobbit (The Misty Mountains), and this is what I said.Me: Well, I got to say, this song is indeed good, but I didn't like it as much as TLOTR's ending dongs.Me: WTF????? ENDING!!!!Me: Dongs..........I'm so sorry Amber.Me: *Goes and hides under a rock.*Me: *songs*Me: Its official. I can no longer type for myself anymore. xDAmber: xD Okay, my family thought I was crazy when I started laughing at the poo video, but now that I saw this, I can't breathe!!!!!!! xDAmber: You have no idea how hard I'm snorting right now!!!!Amber: LOTR dongs. xDhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!Amber: Its ok, I can't spell to save my life.Me: Oh god, I'm gonna do this.................one dong to rule them all.Me: *Gets shot*Me: *Are you not entertained?* xDAmber: I am so entertained. xDAmber: So much better than listening to people plan out my life for me. lolMe: At least I'm glad to know I made your night. :DOh Amber............the talks we have. xD

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