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I wrote this guide partially for myself (because it was fun to do) and partially for the people of the KH reddit community. It is an informational guide that details the mechanics behind how damage is applied in KH2FM. It also has a table for the battle level stats of every world/opponent, a table for most of Sora's attacks that covers the damage each one does, and lists for level-up & event bonus abilities.


Most of this info was obtained through the KH2 ultimania, but other bits were accumulated through in-game testing. The manual testing also helped to confirm most of the Ultimania's stats, and points out many of the 'official' game guide's flaws.




I will probably add to the guide as time goes on. Let me know what you guys think.

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Need to detail Revenge Value and Forced Revenge if you wanna go hardcore. Flinch Count if you want to as well. 


Shit, If I made one of these it would take me a long ass time. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to visually quantify the Revenge Value or Flinch Value for opponents while in-game. It's not like the HP bar where you have a measurable meter to calculate from.

I know there are youtube videos of people hacking the game to display these values, but I cant do that.

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Some clarifications:

  • What you're calling "Light" is actually なし typeless (or neutral if you prefer)
  • Ribbons and their variants reduce damage from all elements (including physical and neutral) by the listed percentage
  • Level 99 base STR - it's 87 in vanilla, 86 in FM
  • There's actually a lot of little mechanical changes in the transition to FM (such as attacks' power modifiers or enemies' HP/EXP modifiers), I started compiling those separately a while ago
  • There's a revenge value chart here (Japanese)

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