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A/N: Hi. I had a bit of a rough sleep last night and so I woke up pretty early today. For some reason this idea popped into my head when I was listening to music (you'll never guess what I was listening to). 

So I present to you the first piece of KH inspired creative writing I have written in a good two years or so. I may be a little rusty so C&C would be welcomed! Enjoy. 


My Enemy


The feeling came when Riku least expected it. Being able to keep the darkness within him locked away, he was able to feel it creeping up inside his heart. A feeling of suffocation, like chains were wrapped around his heart, pulling it deeper into the abyss.


Every moment that passed, the feeling became stronger. Leaking from his heart and coursing through the rest of his body, like a swirl of energy travelling from head to toe, swaying back and forth. The sensation ran through his soul like a river but it would also reside most deeply where he had learned to trap it, within his heart.


How?...” The deep voice in his head asked him. “How are you doing this?


Ansem... Simple. I'm not afraid of the darkness. And unlike you, I don't surrender to it either.” Riku answered.


Enraged but never one to be defeated so quickly, Ansem, much like his human self, Xehanort, always had a back up plan.

And in this case he would use her.


Her. The one Riku had dived deep into the darkness to rescue in the first place. At the cost of both her heart and Sora's. The one Riku had told himself he had to forget and whose contact dwindled over the past year, never because he forgot about her but because he couldn't forget about her. Her who Riku had blocked out for so long that he almost could not match her fact to her name anymore. Kairi.


Riku froze in his tracks, dropping to his knees and slammed the way to the dawn into the ground in frustration. Another secret that Riku had kept to himself, his feelings for her could now be used against him. Ansem had access to his heart and everything connected to it. He knew all about Riku and used the boy's memories against him. Except for the one memory that even Ansem could not access, Riku as a young child talking to a man on Destiny Islands, the man looked familiar but Ansem could not recognize him or see clearly what was happening at the time, but it angered him when he tried to access the memory.


How does it feel knowing you lack the power to save her?” Ansem asked Riku.


But Riku knew that she was waiting for him and Sora to return home. In the meantime, he could not let Ansem use his friends against him like this. Placing the memories at the back of his mind he pushed himself up to his feet again, he was in Castle Oblivion after all, the realm of twilight, a place where Riku felt he belonged are both rejecting darkness and being rejected by light.



The Rising


Ansem left Riku for a moment, to join with his nobody, Xemnas. Xemnas and the rest of the Organisation had Namine and she would be a vital part of their plan. She had the power to control the memories of Sora and those connected to his heart.


News?" Xemnas turned his attention towards his heartless self. Talking with a version of his own self was something he was becoming accustomed to, he never trusted or had the time for anybody else anyway.


He's not submitting.”Ansem said. “My attempts to reach out to the darkness in him, collapse under the light.” The air was silent between the two of them for a moment. Ansem turned to Namine, she spent all her time in the white room, so that's where they had to go to giver her orders. “Bring her in!” Ansem demanded.


Riku had just finished fighting a group of heartless. But it didn't take a long for the surge of darkness to return to his heart. Only this time...

Itch, itch. Something in his mind.

He hated her. She was a means to an end and nothing more. And as for Sora, some best friend he turned out to be, he stole everything away from Riku. The Keyblade, his trust, his friend. Everything but the darkness.


What is?---” Riku's voice broke away mid sentence

They are your enemy.” Ansem finished it for him.


Something's happening

Mind distracting

My pulse is raising


The darkness fuelled by the hate, hate towards those who he fought so hard for only to be betrayed in the end. Riku was not an addict but he knew what it was like to have something you care about so much ripped away from your life like that. He needed something to fill the void left by his friendships being destroyed.

Arghhhh!” Only noise came out as Riku let the darkness devour him.


Mental Torture

Can't escape the paranoia


The Way to The Dawn took a different form. The sharp edges, the dark grey colours and legendary demonic face etched just above the handguard. This was master Xehanort's keyblade. Riku was no longer himself.


Now. We will rid you of those who have hurt you. They are your enemy now!” Riku said to himself, his physical appearance and voice had changed. He was Ansem now.


He lied to me

He's hates me

He lied to me

He's using me

He's dead to me

Sora, he is my enemy!


And with that Ansem opened up a portal to the dark corridor. Riku was going to find Sora and all the rest of them. One by one they will all fall to his Keyblade.


Namine knew what she had done, she could only watch the events unfold now, she felt the same pain inside her that she had caused onto Sora and his friends. But she had a plan.

No. She wouldn't let them use her like this. Not again.

She began to draw a picture in her notepad. She wasn't the best drawer but her drawings had the power to instil memories in other people. A picture that was worth more than a thousand words.


As she finished the drawing, she smiled at it. Sora, Riku and Kairi, sitting on the shoreline of Destiny Islands, watching the waves. The thought of pone day having friendships as strong as that herself made her happy.


Ansem was in the corridor of darkness, betwixt and between. When he suddenly felt it.


The feeling came when Ansem least expected it. Being able to keep the light within him locked away, he was able to feel it creeping up inside him. Like chains of light around a heart of darkness.

“What?!” “No! No not now!” Ansem put his hand over his chest, exactly where his heart would be.


The memories came flooding back to him. Friendship. An unbreakable bond between the three that even darkness could not consume. Riku, just like Terra before him, did everything he could to fight for that bond. The light shined bright within him. Ansem had not seen a light as blinding as this since he opened Kingdom Hearts was was equally as stunned that it was there at all.


If I speak with human elegance and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. If I have faith to say to a mountain jump and it jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing.

If I give all I earn to the poor
Or even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr
But I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere
So, no matter what I say, no matter what I believe, no matter what I do
I’m bankrupt without love.


Riku had done it, he had taken back control of his mind, his heart and his body. But the internal struggle was not yet over. Ansem was still floating in front of him. The two squared off, facing each other, not one of them blinking or moving breaking eye contact. Ansem, though furious, stood with his arms folded, he knew it was just a matter of time.


Such a fool. Fight back as much as you want, your heart will eventually betray you. Every light must fade. Every heart return to darkness!” And Ansem, having used the last of his power, faded into the dark abyss. Riku knew he would be back. But for now he had love and friendship to fight for.


Darkness was his only enemy.



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