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Lu Xun

Which KH game had the hardest final boss in your opinion?

Which KH game had the hardest final boss in your opinion?  

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  1. 1. Which KH game had the hardest final boss in your opinion?

    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Re: Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • 358/2 Days
    • Birth by Sleep
    • Re: coded
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D

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I think Kingdom Hearts 3D had the hardest boss battles, but not the hardest final boss.


Kingdom Hearts: Ansem was actually a great challenge the first time facing him. I was lucky enough to only die once fighting him through my first playthrough. Not the hardest but was a good challenge, but if you're OP he can be extremely easy.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Marluxia gave me a REALLY hard time my first playthrough. It was probably because I was underleveled, but he was really difficult, and he can still put up a decent fight when you're not underleveled and even when you're OP.


Kingdom Hearts II: Xemnas was the easiest final boss of any game I ever played. You have Riku constantly healing you, so it's really hard to die.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Xion was a good pre-final boss, like Ansem, but Riku was pretty easy though tbh. Even on your first time it's easy to see what kind of attacks he's gonna throw at you, and I never died fighting him.


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: I played through each characters story not even working on the abilities, and that made alot of battles difficult. Each character's Final Boss was fun, but not so challenging, honestly. Only ones that gave me trouble was fighting Xehanort as Lingering Will and fighting Xigbar as Aqua. The Terranort Battle however, was really hard for me during my first playthrough. Again, with no abilities equipped to back me up, and having really basic commands like Fire Surge and Freeze Raid made things with him difficult. I still beat him, but it took me about an hour.


Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded: I never even finished this game honestly, I couldn't stand the Olympus Colliseum parts, let alone the gameplay itself. I did have a chance to fight Roxas via a save state still on the used copy I bought, and he's a good challenge if you didn't OP your character. Trying to beat him at level 1 on Critical is pure hell though.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora's final battles were relatively easy to be honest, Xemnas had a very simple moveset in my opinion, But as for Riku..... God he put me through hell and back. The Nightmare figure wasn't all that hard, but Ansem was THE HARDEST BOSS I EVER FACED IN A Kingdom Hearts GAME. Harder than Lingering Will, even. It took me a week to beat him. The moment I did, I felt so accomplished. Young Xehanort wasn't all that hard to be honest. He was a good challenge but keeping your distance from him pays off. And the Ventus Nightmare Armor was easy.


Kingdom Hearts III: The HARDEST BOSS BATTLES I EVER FACED IN A VIDEO GAME. Xehanort and Vanitas will literally wreck Sora up while everybody else is busy fighting the 13 Seekers of Darkness, it's sad. Worst part is, If you die twice, Xehanort chuckles and deletes all of your game data and makes you have to start over from the beginning! Dx


I voted Kingdom Hearts 3D because of Ansem. And please note the Kingdom Hearts III final boss battle was just a way of me playing around xD

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I sat here thinking that's a good question, since I am yet to play recoded and 3D I can't say much, then I remembered gameboy advance. The hardest boss in my opinion would be in KH chain of memories, the original gameboy advance version. I am talking about Sora's file marluxia. No other boss compares to have to fight a giant boss in a small space, and only being capable of going in 6 small direction.

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