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I am currently a music major in college right now. I am working on getting my bachelors degree. I plan to teach music in schools and privately once I have my degree. I hope to share my love of music with the world, and show others how music can have a positive effect on their lives. 


These are the classes I took during my Fall 2016 semester

Music theory 3

Ear training 1

Basic conducting

Marching band techniques

Private piano lessons

Piano ensemble 

Piano class for Piano proficiency exam 

Viola lessons




These are the classes I am taking this semester


Music Theory 4

 Ear training 2

Choral Conducting

Private Piano lessons

Piano Ensemble


Viola lessons

Public Health



If anyone has any questions about music feel free to ask me!  :smile:

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Currently building a game for my data structures class. Incredibly infuriating and incredibly fun at the same time. It's a team project and my team consists of me and one other guy. We've developed a random map generator, an item list holder, a backpack for the player's inventory, and a player and monster record. We've just started putting the pieces together and we're planning on downloading an extra code library to add more control over the game's window, so we can add color, screen clearing, (possibly sprites), etc.

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Haven't posted in a while cuz I've been busy with work, school, and life lol I'm on my last semester of undergrad taking:

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networking
Philosophy of Language
Digital Humanities

I already got hired on as a Software Developer at the place I've been interning at. I do part-time back-end Java and database work for the company's products website. Then when I finish school in December I'll be on full time. I also got accepted into Georgia Tech for my Masters so I'm definitely looking forward to that! How's everyone's college going?

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