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What would your drive be like?

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(I didnt see a post like this so I started this one, please let me know if there is one like this)


I spent some time thinking about my anime fantasies or just made up role play, but I recently came up with my very own kingdom hearts drive form. It had led me to wonder "Maybe my fellow keyblade wielding friends also have their own forms"


I on a personal note would love to hear everybody elses ideas about ideas and if possible, post a picture


*if you post a form of your own, please state the color of clouthing (specific if possible) and its specialty for ex. Wisdom

Azure blue

Magic with rapid fire*

Or something like that :3


Heres mine

Name:Chrono form


Color: Canaray Yellow


Specialty: Time magic


Assets and movement: The way this form works is that the wielder has 1 keyblade in either hand and a levitating clock in other hands. In combat, the clock rotates around the wielder and strikes the opponent while the wielder performs a rush combo againts the enemy. At the end of a air or a land combo, the user cast slow. The further the form is leveled, the power of slow will progress to timeza (is that even a thing, I heard mickey say it when I played ddd)




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My form would be called Omega Form, and the coloring scheme would be jet black with the slightest touch of gray.  The form would balance magic and offense, allowing me to perform a chain of combos that keep linking together until the finishing blow ends up being a wide radius explosion.  Two Keyblades could be wielded in this form, and my growth ability could be Reversal! :D

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Hmm,this is an interesting topic. As for me,I would like to have a Drive of Diablo Form,where your appearance are almost like a Devil,where it have pair of black wings and both of your hands and feet covered with claws made of darkness,surrounding himself with dark Aura and attacks like a Demon itself.

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You all have amazing forms I only have two forms so heres my other one


FORM:Beseker form


Color: Bosten University Red & violet

Assets n stuff: The clouthing will be simular to valour form but instead of the seal of crusade on the knee of the valour forms pants, there will be music notes and the wielder will be given headphones. The combos leading to the finishing move will be based off the theme of kingdom hearts 1 simple and clean, it will be based off the beat and rhytm of the song, the finishing move will be the wielder crashing down into the ground with both keyblades which creates a big circle of music


The clouths glow purple and red at the same time btw

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Ooooh... A personal Drive form? Fortunately for me, I already thought of one xD


Drive Form: Honor Guard Form

Color: Battleship Gray

Specialty:Light Bolt Fragmentation 


Defining Asset: 14 wingblades, with 6 arrow-bolts built into the blades

Posted Image

Defining Trait: Throwing a wingblade at an enemy [like an oversized dart] will make the 6 arrows charged with light shoot out from the compartment, then seek out the enemy. A literal flurry of arrow-bolts can be discharged in a matter of seconds with the intention of eliminating the threat swiftly [and a little messily]. Otherwise, the wingblades are tasked with defense, and will surround their target of defense [like a princess Kairi] to ensure their protection...

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Captain Form


Blue aura around character, with gold cape (reference to my high school). Symbolized by a blue and gold "ß"


Wields a sword and shield, specializes in defense and counter attacks. Levels up by damage taken by blocks and damage dealt with counter attacks.

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