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Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

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Leonard was one of my nerd idols


I loved him in every role he played, especially as Spock


This is a really sad day....I was hoping I could meet him one day....


I'm sure they will find another person who sounds similar enough for nort, but what's important is to respect this awesome man and his life. Not get sad over his one video game role as master of darkness



Great job square, you took so long, the main characters got really adult sounding voices and the bad guy's VA died

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Now both the English and Japanese Xehanorts are dead nooooooo ;-;

They were the heartless and the nobody. Both have met their ends now the true nort shall be again.



In all seriousness though. Nimoy was a wonderful man, successfully filling roles of some of the most popular characters in history. Spock was one of his biggest roles and many had idolized him for Spock. May he rest in peace and best wishes are always out to the family.

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This sucks. I'm very sorry for the loss of a great artist.


In terms of KH, it was expected. I don't want to sound morbid but no series ever has retained its original cast when it's going on for more than 10 years. And given that KHIII takes literally forever, it's sad to say but a missed chance. Mr. Minoy was very sick as of late and if they had skipped all those redundant projects, he could have been in an already completed KHIII.

Missed opportunity, but the loss of a great icon should be at the center of this.

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NOOOO!!!! MR. NIMOY!!  >.<


He was truly a wonderful and talented man. Now he joins all the greats that we will forever miss and love.


I really do want to talk about what repercussions this might have on Kingdom Hearts III, but I'll wait until somebody makes a more appropriate topic for it.


Right now all that matters is preserving Leonard's memory.


Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy. May your spirit live on and prosper.  :

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