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KH13: A Day in the Life of Us

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MasterXemnas walked up to the counter to receive his order, when he opened the bag and peeked at his burger, he realized they hadn't put enough bacon on it and he slammed his fist down on the counter, causing the cashier to jump.


"Fool! I asked for EXTRA BACON! What is this?" He asked, holding up two small pieces of bacon. "This isn't extra bacon! I demand to see the manager!" As the words left his mouth, Sora walked out and looked at him. 


"May I ask what the problem is?" "Fool. I asked for extra bacon and I get this!" MasterXemnas replied, throwing the two small pieces of Bacon at Sora's face. Sora pulled the bacon off and wiped his face clear of grease. "How about we take this outside?" "No." "FIne. You leave me no choice." Sora summoned his keyblade and attacked MasterXemnas.


"Fool. You cannot beat me." MasterXemnas said, summoning his weapons and blocking Sora's attack.The fighting continued, slashing, blocking, and hitting each other before Elbow Juice came up in between the two and froze the weapons with a wave of his wand. He faced MasterXemnas with a to-go bag. 


"I believe this is your order sir?" He asked, handing the bag over to him. MasterXemnas peeked inside the bag, pleased to find a burger with 4 slices of bacon. "Fool. Yes it is." MasterXemnas replied, walking out the door. 


Lalalablah stood up from her spot in the back of the room. "What the heck just happened?" When no one answered she sat back down and muttered "Stupid people." to herself. 




How was that? This is the story I have wrote in accordance with the post:


Thanks to Lalalablah, MasterXemnas, Sora, and Elbow Juice for letting me use them as characters in this crazy story!

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