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I started with Type-0 because the demo needed time to download... Type-0 was really fun! It kinda throws you in there without really giving you much warning.... it gives you game-play controls then throws you right into the fight, and it is fun and easy enough to understand, however it did grade me at the end which pissed me off... I never liked being graded in a game... especially for time... like if you don't want me to go around and explore and look for items... don't make so many paths and shiny items.... If I get a D in time it is because I looked at every dead body for a Knowing Tag, so sorry for getting into the lore...(Also this isn't a real complaint, I understand that you are a cadet that should be graded at the end and this was just a preference) .

Then you go to the Academy, and I spent about an hour talking to everyone and visiting every room I could before going back out into the missions.

The game asked if I wanted extra help

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