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Chronic Tumor

Roommate has been playing 2.5 on Critical

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I told him, "look, Jo, You can't keep doing this to yourself. This is a mistake and you know it" 


He didn't even get the belt thing from that jerk in the beginning as Roxas and he's been saying "I gotta get the secret ending. I gotta beat Terra" 


But he's been saing that for two weeks. 


SO I left the apartment today to go hustle some people behind desks, angrily I might "add", and he calls me saying that he beat Terra


The poor man got lucky. 

So unbelievably lucky

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Beating critical mode, if you're handy at KH, is not too difficult. If you want to name something extremely difficult, then I call out the Bloody Sanctuary/Hell from Cave story. 


All in all, you don't have to be an extremely lucky person to beat critical mode. If you got the skills you should be fine.

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