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Kingdom Hearts Shirts - Is It Okay If I Post This?

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7/11/2015 EDIT: I have taken these down for now because I plan on updating them.

I don't know if it's bad to post about this... Or if it's considered advertising, and i'm not allowed to do that, either... I've read the forum rules, but all I've seen about "advertising" was not to do it in the chat, or do it too often...  >.<

I've made a couple of Kingdom Hearts related merch on Redbubble if anyone is interested.. There are 6 designs for all 6 drive form abilities.. They're quotes from when you examine the mirrors in Yen Sid's tower..

I recommend a poster or laptop skin  more than anything.. If you click on one, then scroll down, you'll see everything you can get the design on.. Pick your favorite..


The preview quality for the t-shirt is dulled and the glow has been messed up. If Redbubble does the job right, the image should be better quality after buying a t-shirt...   If you buy a t-shirt...

I don't really expect anyone to get anything, but if you do, thanks bunches. I'm only a teen trying to earn money somehow...  >.<


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