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Ello Everyone ;D

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Hey there everyone! I, Itonami, has joined KH13.com a couple of hours ago and I just wanted to say HIz! :blush:

Notes about me:

I ish crazy and tend to spell wrong (as you can see...)

I <3 video games to an unhealthy extent. GO GITAROO-MAN! YEAH!

And I heart anime even though everyone inside my school hates me for that D:

And that's just about it. ;D

( And I love using faces too! http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif )

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QUICKLY!!! name ur favorite animes xD

and yes, u must live in Texas (am i right?)

my school is FULL of biggots who play KH and were like "His name is Sora and it sounds like Sara and wats with his hair and shouldnt they be saying things like ching chong?" and im like "ummm thats kinda racist.....no, actually thats REALLY racist....................."


so yeah xD but i found cool guys who RESPECT other races xD

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Haiiii Itonami. I'm Jeny. (:

Welcome to the forums! Have fun spamming posting in the threads. 8D

Uh. I dun really watch much anime, (does KH count lolol 8D?), but I'm pretty sure there's plenty of kids in my school that do. xD

Follow the rules and whatnot. (:

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