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If I were to make a Star Wars Spin-Off movie

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Currently, there are a series of Spin-Off movies in development, starting with the movie Rogue One.


If LucasFilms asked me to make a Spin-Off movie, here is how things would go.


Timeline wise it would be set during and after 'A New Hope'.


And it would be set on a planet which is mostly taken over by the empire and is kind of a corporate-mining-type planet, and there is minor rebel influence.


What the movie would explore it would be seen from the middle part of the Rebels VS Empire war


And the reason The Empire has so much interest in this planet, is because there is this group that worships The Force instead of using it for combat.


The main cast would also be like this band-of-misfits, like very Firefly-esque group of people.



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