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The Last Avatar (For all Korra and Air Bender Fans!)

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Hello everyone, this is a novel I'm writing for fan fiction. It will be the last entry in the Avatar series. It would be great if you read the prologue and told me what you thought! Thanks! 



  Many things had changed during the forty years after Avatar Korra opened the third spirit portal. Technology was improving faster than ever, all thanks to Future Industries. Even though technology was being produced that would help improve the lives of the people, secret weapons were also being made. Weapons that were designed to kill Benders. There are four elements in the world: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The people that can manipulate these elements with their bodies are called Benders. However, not everyone in the world is a Bender, only a select few. Usually, your father or mother has to be a bender in order to give birth to one, but there are rumors that some who are born from Non-Benders can control the elements. There’s only one person in the world that can bend all four elements, and that’s the Avatar. The Avatar is reincarnated after every lifetime. Avatar Korra was our most recent Avatar, but everything changed when the Non-Benders attacked. They used Future Industries’ technology to make advanced weaponry, the likes of which had never been seen. All in an attempt to kill the Benders.

  They had to wait for the perfect moment, the moment when the Avatar was the most weak. Once Avatar Korra turned sixty, they attacked every nation, seeking out benders and slaughtering them. The benders tried to strike back, but the weapons were too great. Once the Non-Benders attacked Republic City, they sought out Avatar Korra and killed her wife Asami. They then forced the Avatar to travel the world with them and shut every spirit portal, once Korra did this, the benders had no further use for her, and shot her. The Non-Bender ruler who set all of these events in motion was Alva Cantebella. He was living in republic city at the time of hearing the Avatar had been killed. Alva knew all too well what would happen next, and made a decree that any male baby that was under the age of one was to be killed by his forces in the Earth Empire.

  With every Avatar, there is a cycle, it changes from male to female every lifetime, and is born with a specific element. The next element in line was Earth, this is why Alva made this decree. A slaughter of babies took place all over the Earth Empire, they even killed Non-Bender babies just to be safe. The only way to stop the Avatar cycle completely is to kill the Avatar in the Avatar State. The Avatar State is only active when the Avatar’s life is in jeopardy. Babies were tortured first, then murdered to test them for the Avatar State. However, no matter how many babies the Non-Benders killed, they couldn’t find the Avatar. Many Non-Benders rebelled against this decree, but they were also killed for disobeying Alva. Alva had too much control, and the only thing he wanted was a world free of benders.

  One month after the decree was announced, Alva experienced something that would hinder his plan. Alva’s wife, Zakiya went into labor and gave birth to a son. There was only one problem, Zakiya was an Earth bender. As Alva gazed at the body of his son, he decided to keep his son’s life a secret, for fear of losing his own son. It wasn’t loss that Alva feared, but a missed opportunity. If his son turned out to be the Avatar, he could use his son’s power to rid the world completely of all Benders. You see, the Avatar has the ability to take people’s bending away. Zakiya’s ability to Earth Bend was kept a secret from everyone except Alva. They had fallen in love at a young age, and Zakiya supported what Alva was doing. She too wanted all of the Benders destroyed.

  On the outskirts of Republic City lived a young woman, she herself wasn’t a bender, but her husband was. Living a quiet life, they distanced themselves from everyone once Alva was elected into office. However, peace only lasts a short while. Rumors had been spreading that the young woman’s husband was a Bender, and Non-Benders targeted them. The husband told his wife to run away with their child. She packed up a basket of food and clothing and started to run. The Non-Benders broke inside the house and killed the husband, and frantically searched for the wife. The young woman had been running all night, but the Non-Benders weren’t giving up. With the decree still active, the young woman feared for her child’s life, and decided to empty the basket and place her child inside of it. She filled it with the soft blankets she had taken from her home, and closed the lid. After whispering “I love you” to her child, she set the basket in the calm river, and watched as the basket safely floated downstream. The mother began running again, but it was too late, the Non-Benders had found her.

  The basket shook around violently due to the currents once it started heading downstream. The river lead directly into Republic City, and was flowing directly beside the home of Alva and Zakiya. Zakiya was playing with her son in the gardens when she heard the crying. Zakiya rushed out to the river just in time to see the basket. The basket had landed safely on the shore. Muddy and somewhat broken, Zakiya looked into the basket to see a baby crying. Zakiya picked up the baby and held it in her arms. It was as if fate itself had brought this baby to her. Falling in love with the infant, Zakiya rushed inside to show her husband. However, Alva was upset, they didn’t need a second child, and the Avatar had yet to be found. Alva was going to kill the baby, but Zakiya refused. “End this decree”, Zakiya told her husband. “Children do not belong in a war.” After seeing the pain in his wife’s eyes, Alva ended the decree.

  Sometime after the decree had ended, a general by the name of Aeron Delray came fourth claiming he had killed the Avatar in a small village outside Republic City. Thankful for the news Alva promoted Aeron, and Aeron became Alva’s personal guard. Alva was finally able to bring his son out of hiding, and embraced his new son that had floated downstream in a basket. Although, Alva was unaware that the child in the basket, would become the hope the Benders needed. The child in the basket was the Avatar, the last Avatar.  

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This is exactly what I wouldn't want to see happening in the Avatar Series.


Don't get me wrong, I liked your fanfic it's just that I personally prefer a different kind of story. Still, it was really good.


The part with the basket and the mother reminded me a lot of Kung Fu Panda but that's just me.


I don't know if I will follow the entire story. I'm just a little curious to see where it will go from here.

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As an avatar fanatic, let me tell you that this is definitely on the better end of fan fictions I've seen in a while. But as Angel said, I'm not sure if, story wise this is something I'd like the avatar series to go. I will definitely check on it in the near future though! Keep up the great work.

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