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Nora Valkyrie

How to Raise an Idiot Mafia Boss (Signups)

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Name: Lovi Heshbark

Age: 20

Class: Rich

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Occupation: College Student



Posted Image

Posted Image


Bio: Lovi is the youngest and only daughter of the Heshbark household. Living up with four older brothers, and being the only girl, Lovi was expected to be raised like a proper lady...or so they had hoped. By the time she was able to make independent decisions she was roughhousing with her brothers, beating them in wrestling matches, climbing trees in the park and in the backyard, even peeing on a cat once. She was a rebel at heart, and in her high quality private school she was no different. She began to establish her persona when over the years students and friends kept calling her 'cool'. That stuck. Through high school she was known as the most popular and coolest girl in school for being part of anything that the school could come up with, from festival to sports groups, making some of the boys tremble in fear. The one thing she exceeded however, was in archery, where she is able to shoot from a long distance and hit her target without a flaw. This made her even more cool, in her mind. She is now in college...or at least tries to keep up with it, as she is determined to keep up her cool persona...and joining the mafia and overthrow the government is just up the alley of cool things to do.

Anything Else We Should Know:

  • She is the "cool" type of character
  • Her accuracy is only matched to that of Fiore. They could possibly be equally matched
  • Her room is littered with trophies from archery competitions
  • She collects tea cups. She considers it a cool hobby, and isn't afraid to show it off
  • She is very superstitious



Name: Antonio Geonova

Age: 23

Class: Ok middle

Weapon: Pistol-Sword (It's a sword with a pistol attached to it. It's an actual legit thing. Look it up)

Occupation: Coffee shop owner/ College student




ay dios mio

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



Bio: He is the owner of a popular coffee shop known as the "Pomodoro Cafe". He is a simple and happy-going young man who puts himself through school thanks to his cafe. Ever since young he has gained attention from both boys and girls. His gentle and social personality plus his looks makes him a popular person around his district, and this can count why so many customers come by just to talk to be able to talk to him. Wherever he goes people turn to see his smile, and soon enough he becomes the talk of the place. He has been proposed to. Twice. But has rejected them, as he didn't see the purpose in marriage without love even if he would end up being financially secured. His hobbies include painting and fencing. With his business booming he hopes to be able to gain his diploma soon...though joining the mafia sounds fun too.

Anything Else We Should Know:

  • He is the "hot" character (if you haven't noticed)
  • He's the owner of the Pomodoro Cafe
  • He has a personal blog which is the most popular in the city. His followers include Lovi and Fiore.
  • He is a great persuader without even noticing
  • He has a private number that doesn't show up on the phone book due to endless calls being made for him from random people


Moo moo


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Name: Shimon (sounds like Simon but fancier) Daniels

Age: 19

Class: Ok Middle

Weapon: http://www.royalcasinosupplies.com/uploads/141225/2-1412251022445R.jpg

Occupation: Poker Player

Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/55/2c/87/552c873876985a14ce35ab82173fdc87.jpg

Bio: As a kid he often played card games with his friends and family. So he gained the ‘poker-face’. Gained wealth from beating people at poker.

Anything Else We Should Know:

- Silent but deadly guy

- He likes poker

- He likes to make clothes out of duck tape

- His jam is JJicefish


moo mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Name: Makoto Charles 

Age: 44

Class: Dirt Poor 

Weapon: Origami or sometimes a hand-gun

Occupation: Traveling Dirt Poor Man (he travels between classes often) 

Appearance: Posted Image

Bio: When he was a child his family was known for their rebellious acts, often taking place in the most shady places in the Dirt Poor Class. He's learned how the underlings work, but after many years he grew tired of the life and wanted to move on. He grew up, often selling small art trinkets between classes, while listening to a variety of people share their stories. He's grown accustom to the different people now, that those in the dirt class often call him "softy." 

Anything Else We Should Know: 

*He's very patient, especially with children 

*The reason he looks so old was due to the bad polluted environment he lived in as a child.


Name: Kataa Evens 

Age: 16

Class: Poor

Weapon: Built-in Armor  

Posted Image


Appearance (without-armor):



Posted Image



Bio: When he was young he was apart of a local bully group in the Poor community known as "The Roughiees." But towards the end of middle-school he left the group feeling he needed to be with something bigger. With the text message from Professor he feels he can finally achieve just that. When he was younger he searched through his family attic to find a mysterious suitcase with heavy armor inside, but it would not fit. Then just to his luck, as he was leaving the Roughiess the armor fit, and he was able to defend himself and escape. 

Anything Else We Should Know: 

*He carries the suitcase with his armor 24/7 

*He was the boy that pulled Yui's hair in the Prologue


Moo Moo

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