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Character-themed Keyblades?

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This thread is going to be about drawings or pictures that show a character from a different gameshow other than Kingdom Hearts wielding their own keyblade! And if you would like, give their Keyblades reasonable stats and abilities as if they were in a Kingdom Hearts game, like the Kingdom Key's ability from KH 2 which is Damage Control. You don't have to make the ability one from the actual games, you could even make up an ability!

Remember, have fun!


Here's my drawing and stats of Veemon's Keyblade, Kingdom Vee, which is based off of the Kingdom Key's look.



(Whoops, sorry the image is a little small. Info: The edge of the blade is shaped like a moderately wide V, making it useful in almost any situation)


Here's its stats:

Attack: 5

Magic: 5

Ability: Hero's Last Stand ( After MP is fully depleted, Attack power and speed go up)

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