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Random fanarts of mine 


First one is 5 nights at freddies


2nd one is tyrel from diablo 3 all the bright yellow and blue actually glow under blacklight due to the highlighter


3rd is hiro and baymax from big hero 6


4th is vriska from homestuck, i call it crazy 8s and if you know that character and homestuck its probably going to make more since to make a long story short shes the spider one, and shes obsessed with the number 8 so she has 8 8 balls 8 dice that all add up to 8 8 spiders with 8 legs and 8 eyes, and its blue because thats the color her blood is, all the stuff in it has to do with the character too


5th is another homestuck, its a halloween town gamzee


6th is the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland with a dress made of skulls and roses and thorny vines.


the 7th is actually to a german song which you can find https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQKEqvw1d0k <---here.


and the last one is a corpse bride











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