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Felicia Novita

Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction (PG - 13) : Love is Something that Hard to Say.

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Great chapters so far :D sora wants to be normal without keyblading and fighting yeah they should all take a break once in awhile. Great story Feli good job :D This story is so cute and Kari really cares a lot for Sora. Inwas surprised that these events happened after Kingdom Hearts Sega I love your story <3:D

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Great chapters so far :D sora wants to be normal without keyblading and fighting yeah they should all take a break once in awhile. Great story Feli good job :D This story is so cute and Kari really cares a lot for Sora. Inwas surprised that these events happened after Kingdom Hearts Sega I love your story <3:D

Thanks! I'm glad that you like and enjoy it so far! hehehe indeed! :) Sora X Kairi is one of my favorite OTP in Kingdom Hearts! Sometimes I want to see them together! :)


anyway, Chapter 6 is up! Happy reading! :)

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Aw man, this is getting suspenseful. >.<Keep on going! :DPeace!

Sure! :) I'll continue it!


This is so some lovely chapters :D Man your a good writer :D Keep it up Feli :D Your chapters are great :D

Thank you! :) I'm about continuing the next chapter, so stay tuned! :)


Anyway, Chapter 10,11, 12 are up! Happy Reading guys! :)

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Hello guys, I decide to post the continuous chapter down here, since the first one can't allow me to post more words, the contents are too long. So, Enjoy the rest chapter here! :D PS: I'm sorry for the double post! QAQ


Chapter 13: Another moment of Two of Us (Insert Date and Time : thursday June 11th 2015, 10: 00 PM -- UTC + 7 Hrs) *This chapter is quite long and has inappropriate language, you have been warned.*




“Did we… disturb you?” Selphie asked as she shocked as well.


“No, not at all! Let’s join us!” Sora and Kairi replied together as they stared each other and ended up laughing together.


“Anyway, why both of you are late?” Kairi asked.


“Maybe I should make dinner for you. You haven’t eaten any, right?” Sora stood up as he walked outside his room.


“Sure. If you don’t mind, Sora!” Riku replied, “well, to be honest, the reason why we are late because our club members asked us to teach math. Hard to refuse them, so I taught them as best as we could.”


“I see. That’s why both of you are late.” Kairi nodded as she understood the problem.


“But, Riku, we saw very nice and lovely moments between these two, right?” Selphie said as she laughed a little.

Riku nodded as he laughed for a little, “Yes, maybe we disturbed your quality time? If yes, maybe we should leave you two.”


“No, no, We’re okay! We are OKAY, Riku, Selphie, don’t mind that!” Kairi replied as she blushed.


“Aw,, Our Kairi is blushing now~ By the way Kairi, you brought spare clothes from home?” Selphie asked as she noticed Kairi’s clothes.


“No, no. These are Sora’s. I borrowed them for a while…” Kairi said as she blushed, “My clothes were wet… Sora had done cleaning them.”

Riku and Selphie shocked. They never thought that this couple was so sweet.


“why didn’t you pick your spare clothes at your home? Sora would love to accompany you at your home, anyway.” Riku asked.


“Well, my home key was left inside the house when I departed to school, the mayor also wouldn’t be home till tomorrow, he said that I should spend a night at friend’s house for a while.” Kairi explained.


“I see. Hey Kairi, you can spend a night at my home! We can stay till midnight there!” Selphie suggested.


“I would love too, Selphie, but to be honest, I have promised to Sora that I will sleep at his home tonight…” Kairi Admitted


“Aww.. yeah, since you borrowed his clothes~ Besides, I’m sure Sora won’t let you get away with wet clothes~” Selphie teased as she tried to study math.


“Selphie~!” Kairi shouted as she blushed.

Sora had done with his cooking and he brought the food upstairs and ate them with his friends while they’re busy studying. After they had done eating, they continued their study till midnight. Sometimes Sora was looked sleepy. He tried to overcome his sleepy by drinking coffee.


“Sora, are you okay? You seem sleepy.” Riku asked.


“I’m okay, Riku. Yeah, I’m little bit sleepy, since I have been studying for more than 3 hours.” Sora said as he yawned.


“It seems Selphie is also sleepy. Well, let’s see what time it is now…” Kairi said as she noticed Selphie and looked and the clock, “Well, I think it’s natural that they’re sleepy since it’s 11 PM already. You and Selphie had Club activity right? Selphie was tired from it too.”


“I see. I think that’s enough for today. Sora also has improved a lot. He got right in several exercises that I’d given, expecially for crucial formulas that maybe appeared at tomorrow exam. I guess, I thanked you, Kairi.” Riku praised Kairi for teaching Sora well.


“Ah..” Kairi replied as she blushed, “Ah… I’m not that well, you’re better than me, Riku!”


“That’s not right too, Kairi. Thanks to you I finally understand formulas that I always suck every time. You are really good teacher, Kairi!” Sora praised as she pulled her closer to him.


“Aww…. That’s sweet Sora~ She’s blushing now.” Selphie replied and asked back, “anyway, I and Riku should go home right now. Kairi, are you sure you want to stay here tonight?”


“Yes, I’ll stay here.” Kairi replied.


“Sora, please lend her your spare futon* tonight. I have ever stayed here, you have one, right?” Riku asked.


“Yes, I have one of it. Sure, I’ll lend her.” Sora nodded.


“Okay. See you tomorrow guys!” Selphie waved to Sora and Kairi as she and Riku walked out from the room and went back to their home.


Sora locked the front door since it’s night time. He believed that his parents had spare key to open the front door once they had arrived. He went back to his room and cleaned the room from the mess. After he had done cleaning, he looked for his futon, but for some reason he didn’t find it.


“Sora, is there something?” Kairi asked.


“Well, I’m looking for my futon, but I can’t find it…” Sora replied as he kept looking for his futon.


Kairi helped Sora to look for the futon. After an hour searching, they didn’t find it.


“Oh my, I’ve just remembered! The futon that I had is used by my dad, since his was broken. Man, I forget about that! I’m sorry!” Sora said as he apologized to Kairi.


“It’s okay, so that means… One of us has to sleep at floor…” Kairi replied


“I’ll sleep at floor or maybe I’ll sleep at my parents’. You can use my bed, Kairi. Don’t worry about it.” Sora suggested.


“No, Sora, you can use your bed! It’s okay with me…” Kairi replied blushingly.


Sora was also blushing at the same time.


“So… that means… I mean if my parents find it tomorrow…” Sora said shyly.


“I… I don’t mind if we sleep together tonight… if your parents find it I’ll take the responsibility. Besides, I’m the one who start this from beginning.” Kairi explained.


“Are you sure it’s okay? If you find me do something not nice, just kick me from the bed, I don’t mind at all if I have to sleep at floor.” Sora said as he stroked his head.

“Yes, I’m okay.” Kairi nodded shyly.


Sora and Kairi washed their faces and brushed their tooth before they went sleeping. After they had done washing, Kairi watched the bed as she was blushing which Sora noticed it.


“Kairi, if you don’t feel good, I’m okay if I need to sleep at floor.” Sora suggested.


Kairi shook her head. She didn’t mind if she slept together with Sora. As Sora turned off the lamp, Kairi lied herself on the bed, which followed with Sora who covered them with blanket. Kairi felt Sora was nearer than usual since his bed was not big, it’s also her first time to sleep with guy, moreover the guy who slept with her was her boyfriend.


“Sora, you know what? It’s my first time to sleep with boys… so… I don’t know, it feels strange…” Kairi said as she blushing.


“Well, to be honest it’s my first time as well to sleep with girls. Kairi… if you…” Sora admitted as he tried to say something but stopped by Kairi.


“Sora. Stop. It’s okay for me. Let’s sleep, okay? We have to wake up early tomorrow, right?” Kairi said as she touched his cheek and try to close her eyes immediately.


“Sure. Good night Kairi. If you feel cold, you can get near me.”  Sora said as he tried to hug her.


“Good night Sora.” Kairi replied as she got near Sora.


Kairi closed her eyes, which remained Sora still opened his eyes. He kept stroking Kairi’s head to make her comfortable. In the end, he couldn’t bare his sleepiness and he drove to his deep slumber.


At the next morning, Kairi opened her eyes little by little. As she opened her eyes quite wide, she looked Sora was still in his deep slumber as his lips were near at hers. She got near him and pressed with him. As she broke her kiss, she greeted Sora with her small voice.


“Morning, Sora.”


Sora responded it with smile, but he was still in his deep slumber. Suddenly, Kairi heard someone was coughed right beside them.


“Ehm! Sora, Kairi, I know today is our last finals and both of you are love birds, but can you save this romantic scene for later?”


Kairi sat up at the bed followed by Sora who waked up after hearing a cough. Sora and Kairi shocked and screamed when they were seeing Riku and Selphie were standing in front of them.


“Now, Kairi. Sora, Can you explain what’s going on here? How could Kairi sleep right beside you?” Selphie asked with a mad voice.


 “No, no, no!! There’s nothing between us! I swear! I did nothing to Kairi!” Sora said as he stood up from his bed immediately.


“Are you sure? Sora, did you do something at her? I mean I’ll punch you if you do something at her..” Riku asked with a mad voice as well.


“No, Riku! I swear! I didn’t do anything!” Sora said as he frightened with Riku’s threat.


“Kairi? Is that true?” Selphie asked curiously.


“Guys, please don’t do that to Sora. He’s do nothing at me last night! I’m alright! Besides, It’s my desire to sleep with him, since his futon was used by his parents. I had no other choice. Sora lent me his bed, but I couldn’t stand seeing him sleeping at floor, so… I let him sleep at his bed with me. I would take the responsibilities if others found us like this.” Kairi explained.


Riku and Selphie relieved that there’s nothing between them as they gave both of them smiles.


“I think it’s okay with us, Kairi. Anyway, Kairi, the most importantly, I think you should apologize to Sora’s mom, she’s surprised when she found you sleep with him. She had tried to wake both of you, but she couldn’t, until we came, she asked us to wake both of you.” Riku explained.


“Ah I see. Well, I think I should dress up right now and apologize to her.” Kairi stood up from the bed.


“Anyway, more importantly too, why do you guys not check the time now?” Selphie asked.


Sora and Kairi looked at the clock immediately. It’s 7.15 AM. The room remained silent as Sora and Kairi stared at each other.


“We’re overslept! Hurry up!! It’s 7.15 AM! Sora, I’ll use your bathroom first!” Kairi shocked as she went to bathroom immediately and took a bath with a speed of light.


“Kairi, Hurry up, we’ll be late!!”Hey, why both of you didn’t wake us up?” Sora said as he was in hurry.


“Well, we did try to wake both of you many times, but you two slept so peacefully. Even we did saw you were kissed by Kairi.” Selphie explained.

Sora blushed immediately. After he saw Kairi went out from his bath room and dressed her  dry uniform which he had been dried in bathroom last night, he rushed into the bathroom and took a bath with a speed of light. After Sora had done taking a bath and dressed up, Sora and Kairi ran down to downstairs as they met Sora’s parents who were about eating their breakfast. They greeted them immediately.


“Ah, Auntie, I also want to say my apologize to you about me and Sora! It’s not Sora’s, but it’s me. Sora had done nothing last night. I’m so sorry auntie! I’ll take the responsibilities at it. I’m sorry!” Kairi said her apologize as she bowed many times at Sora’s mom.


“It’s okay, Kairi. I believe that Sora didn’t do anything bad at you. Besides, he’s always shy in front of girls! So, it’s okay. Be safety, you two!” Sora’s mom accepted Kairi’s apologize as she offered her with breakfast, “Kairi, you should eat the breakfast with us first! Maybe you want to bring it to school?”


“Thanks, auntie! Sure. I would love too. We’re also in rush.” Kairi nodded smiled.


“Seems, our Sora has grown a lot, dear?” Sora’s dad asked to his wife.


“Yes, indeed. He has met very nice girl. I’m happy with them.” Sora’s mom replied smiled.


“Mom, Dad. Cut it out, It’s embarrassing, there are my friends here.” Sora said as he blushed.


“Now, now dear, the reality you have met very nice girl here. It’s Kairi. I hope you can be long lasting forever.” Sora’s dad said as he proud at his son, “anyway, you should eat the breakfast too, Riku, Selphie.”


“Sure, sir. We would love too.” Riku replied.


As the breakfast had done, Sora’s mom packaged well for those fours. Sora and his friends received the package and said goodbye to Sora’s parents as they were on the way to school. They ate the breakfast on the way to school fast. After they reached the school, they’re ready for the last finals, Math.






Chapter 14: Holiday! (Insert Date and Time : Monday June 15th 2015, 11: 25 AM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




Finally the finals had been over. All the students of the school were happy because they did splendid works for a week and they were waiting for the results which would be announced a week later. Sora and his friends finally had their break after hectic week. Riku still had his business with his student council. He still did some interview for the new student council members while Selphie was going overseas with her club friends for a week. Sora and Kairi decided to spend their break with playing at their usual paly spot, at the island. They visited their secret place where used to be played by them before. Now, they’re dating, they decided to craft the memories of them at their secret place, which they would be remembered forever.


Finally, a week passed. The students would receive their score cards. It would determine if the students could be promoted to the next grade. The students who were top 10 in class would also receive special benefit from school, they would receive some munnies (Currency in Kingdom Hearts Series) that could be used for registering at University. Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Selphie decided to look for the list at the early morning, since it would be crowded at the afternoon.


“You’re awesome, Riku. You got 1st place again!” Sora praised.


“Thanks, Sora. How about you?” Riku asked.


“Well, I got 3rd place this time. 2nd year is not easy, I guess.” Kairi replied, “How about you Selphie?”


“Um… I got 12th! Argh. I thought I had studied well.” Selphie replied with grumpy face. “And… How’s Sora..?”


“Yes, how about you, Sora?” Kairi asked.


“Well, I can’t believe it, I get… 7th place this time!” Sora said as he proud at himself, “Last year I only got 15th place…”


“Woah, Sora. You’re improving a lot! Congratulations as top 10!” Riku praised him.


“Even he beats me… Awww…” Selphie praised and admitted her lost, “Well, I guess Sora needs to thank Kairi this time~”


“Eh…? Why me?” Kairi asked blushingly.


“Don’t be shy. You’ve helped him much, right? I think because of you Sora got motivate well. I shall give you thumbs up for Sora’s girlfriend.” Selphie teased Kairi.


“Selphie was right. Sora will do anything for his love~” Riku said as he teased Sora as well which made Sora and Kairi blushed immediately.


“guys, it’s not like that. I believed Sora had studied well. Roxas had ever told me about it. Sora even stayed until dawn for studying. Right, Sora?” Kairi explained as she held Sora’s hand.



“I guess so… Anyway, thank you guys for helping me during study.” Sora thanked to his friends for everything that they had done.


“It’s no problem, Sora! Hey, tomorrow will be holiday, right? How about we have fun today? My club is also in holiday and Riku has done with his interview to juniors.” Selphie suggested.


“That’s good idea! Let’s have karaoke and dinner!” Sora agreed.


“Sounds great, guys. Let’s go.” Riku agreed as he nodded.


Before the four went to Karaoke station, they went home and changed their clothes, after they had done changing, The four guys went to Karaoke spending their holiday after receiving their score cards. They sang them happily until the night came. After they satisfied singing they continued to photo box corner to take their precious moment for holiday.


“Hey, Sora, Kairi, I think both of you should do it together!” Riku suggested.


“Sure. C’mon, Sora. Let’s take picture just the two of us.” Kairi said as he pulled Sora’s hand to Photo box.


“Sure.” Sora replied it with smile.


Sora and Kairi took their photos together. They really made nice photos, Couple photos.


“Hey, You two look good at the photos.” Selphie praised them, “You two are really suit together!”


Sora and Kairi stared each other as they did hand in hand. After they took memorial photos, they continued to do dinner at the restaurant which owner was Selphie’s father. They ordered everything that they wanted to eat and drink.


“Selphie, are you sure it’s alright if we don’t pay?” Kairi asked worried.


“Sure, this restaurant is my dad’s. He allows us to eat and drink here!” Selphie said as she drank a sake (Japanese Drink).


“Hey, Selphie, are you sure as well you okay to drink that?” Riku asked as he smelt the drink that Selphie drank, “This is sake, anyway.”


“Gah, it’s okay. You’re 18th and rest of us are 17th, right? It’s fine to drink it!” Selphie said as she drank a sip, “Sora, Kairi, you should try it!”

“Umm… I’m sorry, Selph. I would rather drink mineral water! The mayor had ever bought it and I had ever tried it and I didn’t like it..” Kairi refused to drink it.


“Um… I have never tried it, I’ll try it!” Sora accepted as he tried the Sake, “wow, it’s great! Hey, give me some!”


“Sora, you can’t drink that too much, or else.. you’ll get drunk.” Riku and Kairi suggested.


“Oh, nevermind! I guess I’m okay! Let’s eat guys!” Sora said as he tried to eat foods which served at the table.


“I’ve warned you, Sora. I don’t want to carry you home in case you’re drunk later.” Riku said as he gave up warning Sora.

The four ate foods that served at the table. Sora and Selphie also enjoyed drinking their Sake. After 2 hours enjoyed the food and drink, Selphie gave up drinking her Sake as her face started turning into red.


“Well, I guess I have to stop. I can’t take any Sake!” Selphie said as she gave up, “Sora, do you still drink it? Aren’t you feeling drunk?”


“Hell, no! I’m enjoying this. Let’s have some again!” Sora said as he kept drinking the Sake.


“Sora, stop. Your face is getting red as well.” Kairi suggested.


“It’s okay, Kairi. I’m still able to drink!” Sora said as he kept drinking a bottle of Sake.


Sora kept ordering Sake and drinking it. He almost drank for 5 bottles of Sake. Until an hour later, Sora really got drunk and unable to drink the Sake. His face turned to red as red as an apple. As he gave up, he started to say something like a drunken man.


“Sora! See what I have told you! I have told you not to drink those too much!” Riku reprimanded Sora.

“Don’t… worry, Riku… I’m okaaayyyy~ Where’s the other one?” Sora said as he drunk.


“Sora, stop it. You have drunk 5 bottles. Your face is red. You’re drunk.” Selphie suggested.

“Shut…. Up~! I still want another bottle. Can you give me another?” Sora asked as he did something embarrassing his friends.


“Sora, stop! You’re drunk now! What you’ve done is also embarrassing!” Kairi also reprimanded her boyfriend.


“Aw… Kairi, let’s join. You will like it. In case you don’t like it, I will….” Sora tried to say something to Kairi, but in the end he collapsed on the table.


“Sora! Are you okay? Sora!” Kairi tried to wake Sora.


“Ah, no good. He’s really drunk right now. I think we should go home now.” Riku said as he shook his head. “Well, I guess I will bring him back home.”

As Riku tried to help Sora, Sora who was unconscious hit Riku at his face, which made Riku irritated. Kairi tried to help him as Riku to bring Sora to his home.


“Selphie, I’m sorry for this mess. I’ll bring Sora to his home. See you next time.” Riku said as he and Kairi brought Sora to his home.


“It’s okay. Let’s meet another time.” Selphie said as she waved goodbye to her friends.


Riku and Kairi brought drunken Sora to his home. On the way to Sora’s home Riku remembered that if Sora’s  parents found their son was drunk they would be angry. Riku left Sora with Kairi as Riku tried to tell Sora’s parents that tonight Sora would stay at Kairi’s home because he wanted to. Riku did that to enclose what Sora had done before. Kairi agreed with that and decided to bring Sora’s to her home.


On the way to Kairi’s home, Kairi really had hard times with Sora. Sometimes Sora vomited after he drank too much Sake. As they arrived at Kairi’s home, Kairi tried to lied Sora on her bed, but in the end, Kairi lost her balance and both of them lied at Kairi’s bed. Kairi let off Sora and lied him at her bed.


“Another hard time, Kairi?” Namine asked.


“Yeah, you can say so, Namine.” Kairi said as she let out her sigh, “Can you pass me menthol oil?”


Namine passed a menthol oil to Kairi, Kairi used it at Sora, but when she was about using it, Sora was about to vomit again. Kairi lent him a help and they rushed to bathroom. Namine looked at them as she shook her head and let out her sigh.






Chapter 15: When The Future Ahead (Insert Date and Time : Monday June 15th 2015, 11: 25 AM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




Kairi was exhausted after she took care of drunken Sora. She let Sora lied at her bed as she gave him her menthol oil to relieve his drunk. She could smell menthol fragrance in her room, which made her feel good at it. When she’s about to stand up, Sora grabbed her hand as he didn’t want to let it go.


“Sora, is there …?” Kairi asked as she turned her head back to Sora.


Sora didn’t say something else, he brought Kairi closer to him as he hugged her and let out his moan.


“Sora?” can you let me go?”Kairi asked blushingly.


Sora remained silent. Sometimes he whispered Kairi’s name and brought her closer to him as they lied at the bed side by side.


“Sora?” Kairi asked.


“Thank you… Kairi… um… Thank you.” Sora said in his daydreaming.


“um… you’re welcome… But can you let me…” Kairi responded as she tried to let off Sora from her. But it’s useless, Sora hugged her tightly and whispered her name once again.


Kairi responded it with smile, she let herself slept beside Sora, while Sora was whispering her name and moaning.


“Well, I guess, it’s okay for today…” Kairi said to herself and closed her eyes as she slept beside Sora.


At the next afternoon, Riku went to Selphie’s home and asked her if today she’s free and went to Kairi’s home. Luckily, Selphie was free and she agreed to go to Kairi’s home, since she also worried about Kairi, who brought Sora last night after he’s drunk.


“So, Kairi brought him last night? Well, I guess she had hard time yesterday.” Selphie said.


“Man, I felt bad with Kairi last night, I should brought Sora to my house last night.” Riku said guiltily.


“Well, I think they’ll be okay, they’re lovebirds, right?” Selphie said as she cheered up Riku.


“I hope so. Anyway, let’s go there.” Riku said as he walked to Kairi’s home faster.


Riku and Selphie arrived at Kairi’s home. They knocked and nobody answered it. They believed that the Mayor had gone working at the early morning as usual. When they knocked once again, Namine opened the door.


“Namine? What are you doing?” Riku asked.


“Well, I’m taking care of the house as the mayor has gone working. Roxas is helping me right now.” Namine Explained.


“Roxas? So, Sora is still here?” Selphie asked.


“Yes, he’s with Kairi.” Roxas answered.


“Are they awake?” Riku asked.


“Umm… I and Namine have tried to wake them up, but it seemed they’re too tired, so, they’re still sleeping.” Roxas explained.


“Roxas!” Namine shouted and closed Roxas’s mouth with her hands.


“Wait, you said they’re still sleeping?” Selphie asked curiously.


“Let me go checking them.” Riku said as he rushed in to the house and followed by Selphie.


“Wait, Riku!” Namine said as she tried to catch Riku up and followed by Roxas.


As Riku, Selphie, Namine, and Roxas arrived at the room, they saw Sora and Kairi were sleeping together again and hugging each other which made Riku and Selphie jaws almost dropped to the floor.


“Again?” Selphie asked.


“Ah, I’m sorry, Riku, Selphie, we didn’t have mean to hide it, but, seeing them sleeping like this, we don’t want to interrupt them.” Namine asked for apology.


“I’m also sorry! To be honest, when they arrived at home, Kairi was tired bringing Sora here. Sometimes he was vomit, and Kairi took care of him every time. In the end, Sora slept here and he was hugging Kairi when he drove to sleep.” Roxas explained as he apologized.


“Kairi was about to letting him off, but Sora hugged her tightly. It seemed he didn’t want let Kairi go anywhere.” Namine added.


“I see. That’s make sense why they were sleeping together again like this, moreover, they still used yesterday clothes.” Riku said as he understood the problem.


“The mayor didn’t see this, right?” Selphie asked.


“Luckily yes, The mayor went to his work earlier morning, so he was in rush and unable to check Kairi.” Namine explained.


“I see.” Selphie nodded understand.


Not long afterward, Sora awoke after hearing voices in the room. He felt that his stomach was still not in well condition, but he’s trying to sit on the bed.


“Why is so loud here?” Sora complained as he looked at Roxas, Riku, Namine, and Selphie stood in front of him, “guys, why are you here?”


“You don’t remember anything?” Riku asked as he explained, “You were drunk last night, you vomited many times, and Kairi brought you here. You should thank you to her once again.”


Sora still confused with what Riku said. He looked at surroundings. The room was a girl room. He finally realized that he’s not in his room. He’s in Kairi’s room and he shocked.


“you realized now?” Selphie said, “I told you not to drink the sake too much, but you drank it too  much.”


“Man, I guess so. It’s because I like that drink so much, I was unable to control myself.” Sora said as he felt little dizzy at his head and bad at his stomach, “where’s Kairi?”


“Why don’t you see your bed side?” Roxas suggested.


Sora was shocked when he saw Kairi was grabbing his hand and sleeping peacefully right beside him.


“soo….” Sora said blushingly.


“You were hugging her last night tightly. She couldn’t let it go, in the end she slept with you. Again.” Namine explained.


“I slept with her, again? Ah how should I explain to my parents about this…” Sora said as he confused.


“Don’t worry, I had told your parents that you stayed at Kairi’s home because you stayed with Kairi because Kairi was sick.” Riku said.


“Thanks for saying that Riku, I feel relieve somehow.” Sora said.


“Um… Why is so noisy here…” Kairi said as she finally awoke.


“Kairi. You finally awake! And… I’m sorry! I’m sorry once again!”  Sora said as he apologized.


“Umm.. Sora, and guys! What are you doing here?” Kairi asked confusedly and blushingly, “It’s okay, Sora, are you okay right now?”


“Um. I feel my stomach in a bad state and I’m still dizzy somehow.” Sora said as he touched his head and stomach.


“We’re here worrying about you Kairi, you brought Sora here alone.” Selphie explained.


“I see. Well, thanks for your concern guys.” Kairi replied, “Sora, you can stay here for a while if you still feel sick.”


Sora nodded as he looked and Kairi blushingly. He apologized to Kairi as he made Kairi slept with him again last night. Kairi understood it and she let Sora rested again if he wanted to.


“Hey, I brought a meal, you haven’t eaten any, right? Let’s eat.” Riku said as he offered the food that he bought, “And yeah, Sora, here’s your clothes. Your parents brought it to you.”


“Thanks.” Sora received the clothes and he changed it.


Kairi took Sora’s dirty clothes and she washed it. After she washed it, they ate the food together. As they ate the food together, Roxas and Namine told them something important to the quartet that soon Roxas and Namine would have Mark of Mastery exam in order to get their body and they could enjoy the world where the quartet lived. The quartet responded it happily, since Roxas and Namine really needed to be with them and enjoyed the live together. As the time flew, the holiday was over, and the new semester was about to begin. Luckily, Sora and Kairi were classmates, while Riku and Selphie were classmates in different class.


They enjoyed their school life as final grader which harder than the 2nd year. When the mid terms had done, they started to think when they would continue their studies.


“Sora, which department will you go?” Kairi asked.


“I think I’ll go to literature department, how about you?” Sora replied as he asked back.


“I think I’ll go to art department.” Kairi replied, “Hey, the university here had those departments! How about we go there together?”


“Good idea, Kairi!” Sora agreed, “We will always together, right?”


“that’s true! Besides, we’re always connected each other right?” I can feel you, you can feel me.” Kairi said as she placed her forehead pressed Sora’s forehead.


“yeah, you’re right.” Sora said with a smile, “hey, we should study for the entrance test! It’s 3 weeks from now, right?”


Kairi replied it with nodded. They decided to spend the day with study, so that they could enter the same university together. Riku and Selphie who also entered the same university sometimes helped Sora and Kairi to do the group study. In the end, the four of them finally passed the test and could enter the same university. While they enjoyed their happiness, Roxas and Namine also informed that they also passed the Mark of Mastery exams, they would be human as them, besides Roxas and Namine would enter the same university as them.The four were happy with the results and finally the six of them would meet each other at the university.






Chapter 16: Another Confession (Insert Date and Time : Monday June 15th 2015, 11: 25 AM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




After they had passed all the exams, Sora and his friends attended the graduation ceremony and celebrated their graduation by having dinner together. They also celebrated for Roxas and Namine who had passed their Mark of Mastery Exam and had a chance to enjoy their lives. Roxas and Sora would stay together, while Kairi and Namine would stay together.


Sora told to his parents about Roxas, they accepted Roxas as they started to think Roxas as their own son and Sora’s brother, so did Kairi.


“Hey, Sora. It’s cool to have a live like this.” Roxas said as he lied on his new bed, which had been bought by Sora’s parents.


“Told ya!” Sora replied, “Hey, I wonder how’s the college life is… Have you ever thought about it?”


“I always think about it. I think it’ll be tougher than Mark of Mastery.” Roxas explained.

As Sora and Roxas were chatting together at their room, Namine, Riku, Selphie, and Kairi visited Sora’s home and brought some snacks.


“Hi, Sora.” Kairi greeted as she kissed Sora, “What are you talking about with Roxas?”


“Hi, Kairi, we’re talking about university life.” Sora explained as he put one of his hand at Kairi.


“Well, I guess it’ll be tougher than Senior high, Sora. You need to study hard.” Riku explained.


“Yeah, that’s right, and Riku congratulations for your scholarship, it’s accepted by the university!” Selphie said as she congratulated Riku.


“Thanks, selph!” Riku replied.


“I heard to apply scholarship was hard, it’s amazing you can get it, Riku!” Sora praised.


“Thanks. Guys, from now on, we must do better and better. University is harder.” Riku replied as he suggested to his friends to study harder at the university.


“Sure, Riku.” Namine replied.


“anyway guys, it’s right time that we’re gathering like this. I would love to say something as well, especially to Namine…” Roxas said shyly.


“what is it Roxas?” Namine asked.


“To be honest, I’m little bit jealous seeing Sora and Kairi can be couple…” Roxas said shyly, “So, Namine… uh…”


“What?” Namine asked curiously.


“To be honest, I…” Roxas said as he swallowed his saliva


“Is there something, Roxas?” Namine asked back.


“I… also liked you since we met. You know, at twilight town. I liked you since then.” Roxas said blushingly.


“Aww.. another confession!” Selphie shouted happily.


Namine remained silent as she started to blush as well. Deep inside her heart, she also liked Roxas, but she kept the words for a long time and she wouldn’t able to say it.


“I also loved when you talked with me and I loved your spirit when you did the Mark of Mastery Exam. So, Namine, would you like to become my girlfriend?” Roxas confessed as she grabbed Namine’s hands.


Namine was blushing when she heard Roxas’s confession at her and made her remain silent.


“Namine, you should accept him. You’re really good each other.” Kairi suggested.




“Namine, Accept it!” Selphie suggested.


Namine smiled at Roxas and nodded. It’s the sign that Namine accepted Roxas’s confession as Namine hugged Roxas.


“Congratulations, Roxas!” Sora said as he congratulated Roxas.


“Thanks, Sora. To be honest, thanks to you, I’m able to say it to her.” Roxas said blushingly.


“Hey, I did nothing! I’m proud with you, anyway.” Sora replied it blushingly.


“Well, we now have 2 official couples. I congratulate both of you, Roxas, Namine, I hope you’re long lasting!” Riku said as he congratulated them.


“Congratulations, Namine, Roxas!” Selphie greeted them as she started to tease them, “maybe the first step you want to do something like Sora and Kairi did before?”


“Selphie!” Sora and Kairi shouted together.


“I’m just joking guys!” Selphie laughed.


Sora and Kairi looked at each other, they laughed together as they shared a kiss together, which made others shout at them happily.


“that’s what I meant, Roxas, Namine!” Selphie teased.


Roxas and Namine looked at each other as they’re both blushing.


“Aww, I’m jealous with you Sora, Kairi and Roxas, Namine!” Riku said.


“don’t worry, Riku. You’ll meet a perfect girl at university someday! I believe it!” Sora said as he cheered Riku.


“Thanks, Sora. Wish me luck!” Riku said happily.


“Hey, we’re here now, let’s celebrate it!” Selphie suggested as she took out Sake that she took from her restaurant.


“Sake again? Well, this time, it’s okay then!” Riku said as he drank the Sake as well.


“Sora, don’t drink that a lot! Remember! You had ever drunk because of it!” Kairi suggested.


“Yes, Ma’am!” Sora accepted what Kairi’s said and this time he didn’t drink a lot.


Roxas and Namine also drank it, since Roxas didn’t like Sake, he only drink half of a bottle. They enjoyed the party that night.


At the next day, Roxas and Namine planned for a date. Roxas also suggested Sora to do a date with Kairi just like them. Sora agreed as he and Roxas went to Kairi’s home together. Namine and Kairi waited for them at the house. Once the boys were arrived, they started they double date. Roxas and Namine went to the town, while Sora and Kairi went to the island where they used to play.


Sora and Kairi sat at the Paopu tree as they enjoyed the date. They also shared the Paopu fruit that they got there. When the sun was about to set, Sora and Kairi enjoyed the scenery by sitting and grabbed each other hands.


“Sora?” Kairi asked.


“What?” Sora asked back.


“you know, we’re now college students, but we’re in different department. Will be able to meet while we’re busy?” Kairi asked.


“Of course we can, I’ll visit your house everyday. How is it?” Sora suggested.


“Sure, It would be good idea.” Kairi nodded and asked once again, “Sora?”


“Yeah?” Sora responded.


“We’re now a year dating… can you feel it?” Kairi asked as she closed her eyes and lied at Sora’s shoulder.


“Yeah. Time flies fast. We’re a year now.” Sora responded as he hugged Kairi.


“You know what, Sora? Sometimes I also have a dream about us when I sleep.” Kairi said.


“What dream?” Sora asked.


“It’s quite embarrassing. Would you like to hear it?” Kairi asked.






Chapter 17: Dreams (Insert Date and Time : Saturday June 20th 2015, 06: 00 PM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




“Sure. I would love to. To be honest, sometimes, I also have dream about our relationship. I can’t say it yet. But, I would love to hear yours first.” Sora nodded also he admitted that he had the same dream as Kairi.


“Well, Sora. I always think about our relationship move to the next step.” Kairi explained little by little.


“Next step?” Sora asked.


“Yeah, you know at the movie or drama, after they have been dating, they’re engaged, and finally they’re married. Sometimes, I have a dream that we have engaged in the future, sometimes it’s blur, but sometimes I found it funny, we’re ended up with marriage at this island.” Kairi admitted.

Sora was blushing when he’s listening to Kairi. He didn’t think that what she dreamt was the same as him.


“You know Kairi, your dream was the same as mine. We’re engaged, and finally we’re get married. But, mine was different. There’s a separation between us. I don’t know when.” Sora admitted.


“Sora?” Kairi asked, “We’re connected each other right?”


“Yeah.” Sora agreed.


“I just, don’t want to get separated. It’s hurt for me.” Kairi said as she looked at Sora’s face.


“I won’t leave you, Kairi. We’re always be together.” Sora said as he kissed Kairi.


“Yes. That’s true.” Kairi said as she grabbed Sora’s hand and lied her head at Sora’s shoulder, “You know what? I have ever read a book, it said that sometimes there were also moment that couple would be separated. Sometimes some of them couldn’t be together, they ended up breaking up. I’m afraid if it happens to us.”


“I know someday that we’ll have to separate each other like before, I just hope it won’t happen to us. I don’t want to. You won’t do that, right, Sora?” Kairi continued as she asked Sora, confirmed him that he wouldn’t betray her if they got separated.


“I… also don’t want to do that… It also hurts. I don’t want to leave you, Kairi! Even if we will be separated. I promise! Remember, we’re connected each other, right?” Sora said as he promised to Kairi and saw the sunset.


“Yeah. You’re right. You are absolutely right.” Kairi replied as she closed her eyes and smiled.


“Anyway, it’s getting darker, let’s go back.” Sora said as he started to stand up.


“Yeah, maybe Namine has also been at home. To be honest, I have a duty to prepare the dinner tonight.” Kairi replied as she stood up and started to walk hand in hand with Sora to the boat.


Sora went home after he accompanied Kairi to her home, he kept thinking about separation things, his relation with Kairi in the future, and what would he do next especially for his future. He lied on his bed and let out his sigh, which noticed by Roxas.


“You okay?” Roxas asked.


“Yeah, how about you with Namine?” Sora asked.


“We’re getting better. Hey, have you prepared for college? It’ll be started next 2 weeks.” Roxas replied happily as he asked Sora if Sora had prepared for his college.


“Oh, I forgot. I was busy with the date, anyway. How about you?” Sora asked back.


“Well, to be honest, I and Namine will shop for our college stuffs the day after. Tomorrow we decide to go to our college, we want to walk around there, so we can adapt in the new environment once the college starts.” Roxas explained.


“That’s cool. Maybe I and Kairi will shop at tomorrow or the day after. Mind if we join both of you?” Sora asked.


“Hey, no probs. Let’s shop together.” Roxas agreed and asked, “and anyway, Sora, how about you and Kairi today? Did you enjoy the date?”


Sora nodded as he explained what he had talked with Kairi, Roxas listened to him well as he thought something about Kairi’s words. Roxas could tell that there’s something in Sora’s mind after Kairi said that to him. He remained silent and kept thinking what’s on Sora’s mind.


As the time flew, Sora and his friends entered the college and start their life as college students. Although they schedules weren’t the same as when they’re still in high school, they kept meeting each other and spent their time. Roxas and Namine were still dating after their class were over, so were Sora and Kairi. Sora kept his promise that he made since high school to keep his grade good and didn’t let Kairi down. He got grades in his college and somehow he’s always in top list student in his department. Riku, Kairi, and all of Sora’s friends were proud with him. He did the best for his college, although he was lazy bum back in his high school. After they had spent in their college life for almost 3 years, Sora found that Roxas was about to move to the dorm.


“Roxas? I wonder why did you want to move to the university dorm? Are you feeling uncomfortable here?” Sora asked.


“No, Sora. I’m happy to be here, your family is always cared for me and they always think me as your brother. But to be honest, since I became lecturer’s assistant, somehow I seldom went home, and I always spent the night at friend’s dorm. You know that, right? That’s why, I don’t want to make your parents worry because I’m not always at home, so I decide to stay at the dorm which I have rent since few months ago.” Roxas explained.


“Oh, yes. You’re right. Sometimes I met you at college, you were with lecturers all the time. You must be busy, Roxas. Anyway, have you told mom and dad about this and also with Namine?” Sora asked.


“Yeah, I have discussed with them, they allowed me to rent a dorm. They asked me to visit here often. Namine had also agreed it. Maybe Kairi had told you that Namine had stayed and lived at girl’s dorm since 3rd semester. She was also busy with her college.” Roxas nodded and explained


“I see. Well, I would love to visit you at your new dorm. And yeah, you should visit here too anytime. Yeah, Kairi had told me that. Namine had ever invited her to rent dorm, but she didn’t want to, since Kairi needed to take care of the Mayor.” Sora suggested and explained.


“Sure. I would love to, pal.” Roxas agreed as he tossed his hands with Sora.


“Oh yeah, tomorrow I and Kairi are free. Maybe we should help you do the moving. How is it?” Sora suggested.


“If both of you don’t mind, sure, it’s okay, maybe both of you want to see the dorm. Riku and Selphie also come here and help me tomorrow, they have spare times.” Roxas said as he agreed with the suggestion.


At the tomorrow, Sora, Kairi, Riku and Selphie helped Roxas to do his moving to the new dorm, as they reached the new dorm, they put everything inside and Roxas thanked to them, as he started to place them by himself. As usual, Sora walked Kairi to her home, when they reached at Kairi’s home, Sora and Kairi found that the Mayor was collapsed on the floor. Kairi was panicked and she didn’t know what she had to do. Sora suggested her to bring him to the ER. Thankfully, the ER was not far away from Kairi’s home.


As they reached the ER, the nurse took care of the Mayor as Sora and Kairi waited at the waiting room. Kairi was worried about the Mayor’s condition, as she kept biting her fingers while Sora was trying to make her calm.


“Ah, are you Sora, right?” a man asked beside Sora.


“Yeah. Is there…” Sora replied as he turned his head to the man, “Hey, Tidus! Long time no see!”


“Hey, Sora. Long time no see too. You’re getting taller than our last meeting! And besides you… is Kairi, right?” Tidus pointed and asked them, “What are you doing here?”


“Yeah. Hello, Tidus. Long time no see.” Kairi greeted, “Well, the Mayor was collapsed when I and Sora reached at my home, so we brought here since I didn’t know what happened to him.”


“And anyway, Tidus, what are you doing here as well?” Sora asked.


“Well, I’m accompanying my wife, Yuna, to check her pregnancy here. But since the ER here is really busy, she is helping the nurses although today is her off.” Tidus explained as he pointed the nurse who cared for the Mayor, “See the woman who cares for the Mayor? She’s my wife, Yuna.”


The both of them nodded as Yuna got near her husband and Sora and Kairi.


“You must be Kairi, right? Tidus told me about you and Sora a lot. You’re Sora’s best childhood friend! Kairi, don’t worry about him, he’s just exhausted. I have checked him that there’s nothing serious at him. So, he needs to rest right now, and tomorrow he can go home!” Yuna explained.


“Thank you very much! Anyway, Congratulations for the baby!” Kairi thanked to Yuna as she congratulated Yuna and Tidus.


“Hey, Thank you so much!” Yuna replied happily.


“So… Sora, how are you? And how about the others, Riku and Selphie?” Tidus asked.


“Well, we’re now 3rd year college students, Riku and Selphie are now busy with their college, and to be honest I and Kairi…” Sora explained


“Don’t tell me that you two here, and you both are dating now?” Tidus asked


“Yes, we’re dating now.” Kairi replied as he nodded.


“Congratulations, both of you. You two must be sweet couple. Since when?” Tidus asked.


“We have been dating since 4 years ago. How about you two?” Sora asked back.


“Well, We’re doing okay, after we got married, Yuna works as nurse here, to be honest today is her day off and tomorrow she’ll work here again and about me, I’m a coach for a blitzball team now.” Tidus explained.


“The baby now is 3 months. I have checked the doctor, the baby is good and healthy.” Yuna said as she confirmed the baby.


“That’s great. I congratulate once again for you two.” Sora nodded as he congratulated them.


“Thanks! Anyway, we have to go now. Yuna has done her work and we’re about to go to market. I hope both of you are long lasting!” Tidus said as he stood up and grabbed Yuna’s hand.


“see you soon guys, and yeah, I hope I can see you later with your babies!” Yuna said as she teased the couple, which made Sora and Kairi blushed each other.






Chapter 18: Sora and Kairi Future Talk (Insert Date and Time : Saturday June 20th 2015, 06: 00 PM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




After the mayor had been recovered, Sora and Kairi brought him at home. The mayor thanked to Sora and he promised he would visit him someday. Once Sora had reached his home, he met his parents who were sitting at the family room.


“Sora, I got letter from the college, it’s for you. we haven’t opened it yet, maybe you should check it right now.” Sora’s mom said as she gave Sora a letter from his department.


Sora opened and read the mail immediately, suddenly he was happy. He told his parents that he was chosen by the department as the student for student exchange at the foreign country at 7th semester until 8th semester. Sora’s parents were burst with tears, they were proud with their son who was chosen as student for student exchange. They attended for the briefing tomorrow and they were explained about the student exchange program. Sora would be student at the foreign university for a year, he would attend his graduation there. Once Sora had graduated, Sora could go back to the island and worked here or he could stay there and worked there. He had to choose once he had graduated.


Once Sora had arrived at his home, he thought about the decision to work outside the island or he would work at the island. It’s hard to choose for him since it’s great opportunity to spend much money more than at the island. Suddenly, he remembered that if he left the island and worked at foreign country, he would leave Kairi alone. He had made promise with her. He always thought that he would make Kairi sad if he worked at foreign country. Sora was confused, he didn’t know what he should say to Kairi about this.


After 2 months had passed, The Mayor and Kairi visited Sora’s home. Thankfully, all of Sora’s family members were there, as well as Riku and Selphie who visited Sora for playing. Sora met Kairi and The Mayor downstairs. Sora asked Kairi if she could go with her for a while to supermarket, since he ran out snacks which he saved. Sora’s parents and The Mayor sat at the living room and started to chat each other, Riku and Selphie listened to it at the stairs secretly.


“Sir, Ma’am. Before I’m going further, please accept the gift from me, as the token of appreciation for Sora who had helped me back then, when I was sick. And also, thank you for taking care Kairi. I’m sorry if she bother your son. ” The Mayor said as he gift packs of the fruits to Sora’s parents.


“Thank you, Sir. It’s our pleasure. It’s okay, sir. Kairi doesn’t do anything that bother us. We’re happy that our son has been dating and has been in relationship with her for 4 years. I think I should thank you at you, Sir. For letting our son has been in relationship with her for this long time.” Sora’s mom explained as she received the gift, “I’m sorry if our son is bothering you.”


“You’re welcome, Ma’am.” The Mayor nodded.


“Sir, I also want to ask, how’s Sora for you? Does he make you in hard times?” Sora’s dad asked.


“Well, Sir. I think no, but sometimes I heard him and Kairi argued a lot, but I think it’s natural for them, sometimes they needed to learn about relationship is not just loving each other, but how they should solve the problem together in every hard times.” The Mayor explained, “Sora is a good young man, he’s cared for Kairi, sometimes he also helped me and Kairi to do our daily works. How’s Kairi for you?”


“I see and agree with that. Kairi is also a good young woman, she’s motherly look alike, she’s cared for Sora. It seems she’s also hard to let Sora go. She’s very protective young woman. Sometimes she also visited us and helped us to do our house works. I’m really happy with her. Kairi is like our own daughter.” Sora’s dad explained as he drank a coffee at the table.


“The time flies fast, right? Our children have been grown up and now they’re in college, moreover they almost finish their college.” The mayor said.


“Yeah. They will have to work after this. To be honest, Sir. There’s something that we want to talk and discuss about you.”


“Sure, go ahead.” The mayor agreed.


“To be honest, our son will leave the island next year for student exchange. One day, he came to us and discussed about us something about his long relationship with Kairi.” Sora’s mom explained.


“Congratulations for him. What is it ma’am?” The Mayor asked.


“Before he would go, he asked us if he could engage Kairi, he decided to marry her after he had graduated. At first we were shocked about it and asked him if he’s ready for all of it. He said he was. I allowed him, but before going further I asked him to ask Kairi if she would accept it or not.” Sora’s mom explained.


“Marriage? After the student exchange? Sora, you’re really brave. He never told to us before, has Sora told you about this Riku?” Selphie shocked and whispered to Riku.


“No, he didn’t tell me about this, It’s the first time I hear about it.” Riku said as he kept listening to what Sora’s parents and the mayor was talked about.


“Sir, Ma’am. Kairi also had ever told me about this. She told me that Sora would go to foreign country for his study. Sometimes I found her crying, she told me that she didn’t want Sora to go. She wanted he stayed here. Until one day, they had a fight, thankfully Sora was able to talk her.” The Mayor explained.


“I see. It’s hard for Kairi and our son.” Sora’s dad said.


“The day after, I saw Sora proposed to Kairi, he would love to engage her before he left. After he went back, he decided to marry Kairi. Kairi told him that he should give her time to think. Until 2 days before I came here, Kairi came to me and asked the permission if she could engage and finally marry with Sora after she had done her college. Actually I allow her, but I have to confirm it with his family first.” The mayor explained.


“I see. So she also asked for your permission. As Sora’s parents, will you let our son marry your daughter?”


Riku and Selphie swallowed their saliva and The Mayor took the deep breath before he decided.


“Sir, Ma’am. I have seen enough their togetherness for 4 years, they have loved each other. They have strong feelings each other. Yeah. I allow them to get married.” The Mayor accepted.


“Thank you Sir, It’s my pleasure. I also allow Kairi to marry our son. You’re right, they have strong feelings each other. I believe Kairi will be the best wife for Sora! She’s not just cute, but she has kind heart.” Sora’s parents shook the mayor hands and thanked to him.


“You’re welcome. Your son is handsome guy. He’s just like you, Sir! I’m happy that my daughter has met good guy and good family for her future.” The mayor explained his proudness to Sora’s family.


“Hahaha! Yeah, I’m also glad that my son meets good girl and good family!” Sora’s dad laughed.


Not long afterward, Sora and Kairi returned, each parents looked at them and asked if they’re ready to get married next year. Sora and Kairi confirmed it in front of both parents. Both parents were happy and wished the best for them and Sora for his student exchange.

Riku and Selphie went back to Sora’s room immediately, followed by Sora and Kairi. Riku and Selphie congratulated them for their decision to get married a year after.


“Sora, congratulations for you. I just hope both of you are always happy. Remember, don’t forget us. I also pray for your success at student exchange program. Let’s meet again a year after. I won’t forgive you if you can’t graduate at the right time.” Riku said.


“thanks, Riku. I hope you also do the best in your final year. Let’s meet at the graduation! Oh yes, I hope you find a good woman!” Sora said as he was blushing.


“Aw,, Sora. It’s cute that you’re finally proposed her, I’m happy with you. And congratulations Kairi.” Selphie said as she started to sob.


“Selphie, don’t be sad!” Kairi said as she wiped tears from Selphie’s cheeks.


The four were continuing their play together. As the time flew, the day of Sora’s departure to foreign country had come.






Chapter 19: Engagement and Marriage Proposal (Insert Date and Time : Sunday June 21th 2015, 09: 30 PM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




“Have you prepared anything?” Sora’s mom asked.


“Yeah. I have.” Sora replied.


“Well, I hope you are success there, sonny. We’ll miss you.” Sora’s dad said as he hugged his son.


“Don’t worry. I’ll try to contact you via mail. Make sure you receive it.” Sora suggested.


“Have you said goodbye to Kairi and your friends?” Sora’s mom asked.


“Yeah, I have.” Sora said as he was sad.


“You look sad. Is there something? Have you had a fight with Kairi again or something else?” Sora’s mom asked.


“No, mom. I’m okay. No, I’m okay with Kairi.” Sora replied.


“Maybe you want to go to Kairi’s first?” Sora’s dad asked.


“No, dad. She said she would go to harbor. So, I guess I should go to harbor right now. My lecturers must have been waiting there now.” Sora said as he brought his luggage and his bag.


Sora’s parents nodded as they left the room. Sora looked around at his room, he let out his sigh.


“Well, I guess, I would miss this room.” Sora said to himself as he noticed a little box on his desk, “Oh, maybe I should bring this with me.”


Sora left his home and said goodbye to his parents, he made his way to harbor. Once he arrived at harbor, he met his lecturers who would be his advisor during student exchange program.  He also met Riku, Selphie, Roxas and Namine who had been waiting for him.


“Where’s Kairi?” Sora asked.


“She… said she didn’t want to come… We have invited her to say goodbye to you at least, but she didn’t want to.” Selphie said sad.


“She must be sad right now. We’ll it’s my fault to begin with…” Sora said regretly.


“It’s not your fault, Sora! It’s important for your future. If Kairi still didn’t come, I would force her here.” Namine said.


“Maybe we should pick her up, Namine?” Roxas said as he asked Namine to go with him to pick up Kairi at her home.


“Roxas. Wait. Don’t be in rush. I believe Kairi will come. I know who she is.” Riku said as he stopped Roxas and Namine, “believe in her. She will come.”


Roxas and Namine stopped their moves. They decided to wait for Kairi fo a bit. Riku noticed that Sora was sad because of Kairi’s absence. He knew that he missed her, he just wanted her to be here for the last time.


“Sora, are you okay?” Riku asked concern.


“I’m okay. Anyway, Riku, if Kairi didn’t come, would you mind to say my goodbye to her?” Sora said desperately.


“Sora… don’t give up. Believe in her. She will come shortly after. I believe if she loves you, she won’t miss this chance to say good bye to you.” Riku said as he tried to cheer up his friend.


“Thanks, Riku.” Sora said as he forced his smile.


Suddenly, the departure announcement was announced, Sora prepared everything for his student exchange program as he was called by his lecturers to be ready and all aboard. Sora looked around and he didn’t see Kairi come. He let out his sigh as he said good bye to all his friends and walked to the departure gate.


“Kairi, goodbye. I’m sorry.” Sora said as he kept facing his head down.


“Sora, are you okay? You seem down. Maybe you want to say the last goodbye to your friends before we depart?” The lecturer said as he gave time to Sora to say his farewell to his friends.


“No, it’s okay, Sir.” Sora shook his head.


Suddenly, Sora heard a voice called him from far way, he recognized the voice. As he turned his head, he saw Kairi ran toward him.


“Well, take your time. We’ll be waiting inside.” The lecturers said as they gave time to Sora to meet his fiancé.


Sora smiled and nodded his head. He walked toward Kairi and his friends.


“Kairi, you come!” Selphie said.


“I think you told us that you didn’t want to come earlier, Kairi.” Namine teased.


“Oh shut up. I had little business back there!” Kairi said as she exhausted from running. “Sora, I’m sorry I’m late!”


“Ah… it’s okay…” Sora nodded.


“Anyway, take these with you.” Kairi said as she gave her wayfinder which engraved with Sora’s face look alike and a handkerchief, “Make sure you return it to me once you back. And this handkerchief, you know. I always forget to bring back this to you. I have washed him for you.”


“Thank you, Kairi. And yeah, I would love to give this to you before I leave and I hope you wear this while I go until I come back.” Sora received Kairi’s wayfinder and his handkerchief as he pull out a little box from his pocket and opened it in front of Kairi. And of course, the little box contents were couple of rings. Kairi was shocked with Sora’s gift which shown in front of her as Sora wore it at her finger.


“Sora… Thank you for the ring. I think I should wear it for you too.” Kairi said as she shed tears and wore another ring at Sora’s finger. Sora and Kairi friends watched them happily. They didn’t believe that they would be engaged at the day before Sora left the island.


“Kairi, I promise. I’ll be back a year later and I’ll be graduated! I’ll send you mail, I’ll be back for you and yeah, I’ll see you graduate as well! I promise to you that… after we have graduated…. We’ll get married! Just wait for me!” Sora said as he promised and proposed to Kairi for marriage.


“Sora, I can’t say anything else. I wish for your successful. I’ll be waiting for your mail and I’ll do the best until I graduate. I will miss you. I will miss you!” Kairi said as she started to cry and she nodded as she accepted Sora’s proposal, “And yeah, I’ll be waiting for you to come back, and… we’ll get married after this!”


“Kairi, I know it’s hard for me to say it in front of our friends… but… let me say these words to you as my goodbye for you. I love you. I will always love you!” Sora said as he blushed and grabbed Kairi’s shoulders.


“Sora… I love you too! I will always love you. I’ll be waiting for you. So, please come back. I know that it’s also hard for me to say love you to you, but yes. I love you. More than anything!” Kairi said as she cried a lot in front of Sora and she hugged Sora tightly.


As they let out their hugs, they shared one passionate kiss, which proved that they would love each other even though they’re separated right now. Riku, Selphie, Roxas, and Namine saw them with shocked face and started to blush each other. Sora and Kairi broke the kiss and looked at each other. Kairi whispered her good bye to Sora as Sora accepted it and kiss Kairi on her forehead. Sora promised that he would love Kairi even though he’s now away from her for a year, and Kairi, she would be waiting for Sora, she would graduate for him. Sora left Kairi with his friends as he waved good bye to Kairi and his friends. Not long afterward, the boat departed and left the island.


“It’s nice kiss from our Sora’s fiancée.” Selphie teased.


“Hey, cut it out!” Kairi said as she blushed.


“Anyway, he gave you nice ring, Kairi.” Namine said as she noticed the ring which worn by Kairi.


“Yeah. I will keep using it until he comes back. It contains lot of our memories and this ring is proof that we’ll be remembering each other even though we’re separated.” Kairi said as she looked at her ring.


“Ohh… her fiancé will be happy if he hears this! Sora~ can you come back now?” Roxas teased Kairi and called Sora’s name.


“Roxas!” Namine hit Roxas with her elbow.


“Anyway, he also did his job well, he was brave to propose Kairi in public. Kairi must be proud that she has good fiancé like Sora.” Riku said as he was proud with Sora’s action.


“Yeah. Kairi has received her best gift today. I can’t believe that yesterday we were high school student. Now we’re college student who almost finish our college. And more importantly, our friends have engaged and they will get married next year. Time flies fast, right?” Selphie explained.


“Yeah. Well, Roxas, Namine, maybe you should do something like Sora and Kairi have just done!” Riku teased.


“What did you say, Riku?” Roxas asked as he blushed, so did Namine.


“I’m just joking! Both of you should take your time!” Riku said as he started to walk from the harbor, “Well, should we be back? I have class after this.”


“Sure, I also have class after this.” Selphie said as she looked at her wristwatch, “Let’s go back. Kairi, do you also have class this morning?”


“No, I’m free today. My class was dismissed since my lecturer is sick today.” Kairi replied.


“Well, Kairi, how about if you join us? I and Namine also don’t have class today. We plan to walk at department store.” Roxas suggested.


“Ah, is it okay? I’m worried if I will disturb your date…” Kairi doubted.


“It’s okay. I can’t stand you alone while others are having class. Let’s join us, new fiancée, Kairi!” Namine shook and she invited Kairi to join her and Roxas.


“Thanks Namine! I will join you two. And hey, what is that?” Kairi said as she let out her little laugh.


“Nothing, I’m just joking! Let’s go!” Namine said as she grabbed Roxas’s hand and followed Riku and Selphie walked away from the harbor.

Kairi stayed at the place she stood as she saw the boat left. She closed her eyes and whispered something at her heart as the ring started to shine because of the light reflection from the sun.


“Sora, goodbye. I’ll be waiting for you. I hope your successful at your study. I will be waiting for the moment we can meet again.”


After Kairi whispered those words, Kairi turned away and followed Namine and Roxas who had been waiting for her to walk together to department store.






Chapter 20 (Final Chapter) : Reunion and Marriage (Insert Date and Time : Sunday June 21th 2015, 09: 30 PM -- UTC + 7 Hrs)




6 months had been passed since Sora left the island for his student exchange program. Riku, Selphie, Kairi, Roxas, and Namine had passed their 7th semester and now they’re in last semester, 8th semester, which they had to make their thesis as one of terms to graduate from college. During 7th semester, Kairi always visited Sora’s parents and helped them to do their houseworks, which made Sora’s parents happy with her. She’s not just nice to Sora, but she’s also nice to his parents. Kairi had also started to call Sora’s parent as mom and dad as she did to the Mayor as her father. Sometimes she also visited Sora’s empty room, she saw their moments back then when they’re still together. She smiled at it.


“Sora, the room is empty without you. I just wish you’re here.” She whispered to herself.


Sora also sent his mails to his parents, Kairi, and his friends every month. He told his relatives that he’s doing okay with his student exchange program, he could adapted well with the environment there, moreover, he also had made new friends there. All of them were proud which Sora, he’s now not a boy who used to be lazy and sleepy all the time, but Sora was different. He’s now a mature man, a fiancé for Kairi, and moreover future husband for Kairi. In his letter for Kairi, he told Kairi that he missed her every time, he was worried about her. Sometimes he even sent photos about his activities not to Kairi only, but also his parents and his friends. Kairi also replied his mail which expressed that she also missed him and she’s lonely without him. She told him that sometimes she visited his home and helped his parents.


Finally, after 11 months passed, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, Riku, and Selphie somehow had passed their thesis examination and got their degrees. Kairi was the happiest among them. She could prove to Sora that she could graduate, as they had promised 11 months ago. After Kairi had done with her exam, she decided to go to Sora’s home and helped Sora’s parents as usual. She told about her exam to her future parents that she had passed the exam, which made her future parents were proud about her. Not long afterward, a lecturer came to visit Sora’s home and wanted to meet Sora’s parents. Kairi, who was there at first welcomed them at let them in to meet Sora’s parents.


“Good afternoon, Sir and Ma’am. I’m one of Sora’s lecturers. Thank you for your son participation at student exchange program. I come here to inform you that our lecturer which also Sora’s partner for his student exchange program had informed me 2 days ago that Sora had also passed his exam and could attend graduation ceremony at next month. I congratulate for your son and for your fiancé.” The lecturer explained to Sora’s parents and Kairi.

Sora’s parents and Kairi were happy to hear that their son and her fiancé had passed the exam and graduated.


“And also, I send the tickets for graduation ceremony to the university which Sora had been studied. And… because the tickets are only for parents, I also bought extra ticket for his fiancée, so she can attend Sora’s graduation. Well, Kairi, Sora had told about you a lot, I also congratulate for your engagement.” The lecturer continued, “Kairi, when will you graduate?”


“Thank you, Sir. I’m appreciated it. And.. I’ll graduate at next month as well, 2 weeks after Sora’s graduation.” Kairi replied as she received the ticket.


“I see. I congratulate for your graduation, Kairi. Well, here’s the scorecards of Sora, maybe you want to see it. Anyway, I’ll be back. See you again at the departure day to the graduation ceremony.” The lecturer said as he left Sora’s home.


Sora’s parents and Kairi checked out at Sora’s scorecard, he got good scores in it and he had done his student exchange program very well. Kairi was happy when received the ticket to the graduation ceremony, which she would be able to meet her fiancé at his graduation.


Finally the graduation day had come. Sora’s parents and Kairi arrived a day before the graduation. They decided to not meet Sora yet the day after, they just wanted to give him surprised. At the graduation day, Sora finally met with his parents and of course, his beloved fiancée, Kairi. Lot of Sora’s friends started to whisper about Kairi when she came to graduation ceremony. Some of them also congratulated for Sora and Kairi engagement. Even Sora also invited them for his marriage which he planned to do 2 months after the graduation.


“Sora, have you decided where you will work after this?” A lecturer asked Sora.


“Yes. I have decided.” Sora nodded and started to say his decision as he hugged Kairi, “I will back to my hometown. I will work there. I also have made promise to my fiancée that we will be together there.”


All of Sora’s lecturers, friends, and even Kairi were shocked with that statement. Kairi couldn’t bare her tears flowing from her face when she listened to Sora’s decision. She didn’t believe that Sora kept his promises to her all the time. After Sora had done with his graduation, he went back to Destiny Island and attended his fiancée and friends graduation ceremony. He also announced to his friends that he would marry Kairi 2 months from the graduation day.


While Sora and Kairi were waiting for 2 months for their marriage, Sora and Kairi decided to prepare for everything they were needed for their marriage, invitations, pre-wedding photos, the place that would be used for them for living after wedding, wedding costumes for them, and lot of them. Finally, their marriage ceremony was about 2 weeks left, they decided to go to the island where they should to play. They entered their secret hide out, and she their memories for the last time before they finally got married.


“This place has lot of memories of us.” Sora said to Kairi.


“Yeah. Since we’re still child, teenager, and now, we’re engaged and about to marry.” Kairi nodded as she circled her arms around Sora’s hand.


“You’re right. Want to carve something before we leave?” Sora suggested.


“Yeah, it’ll be good idea.” Kairi nodded as she picked up 2 stones near them.


Sora and Kairi carved the wall with their new memories, just like when they’re just a child. After the carved it at the wall, they left the hide out and sat at the paopu tree and enjoyed the sunset.


“Sora?” Kairi asked as he lied her head on Sora’s shoulder.


“Yes?” Sora asked.


“You know, When you left, I missed you a lot. A year felt long for me. And now, you’re here, I feel peace now. Time also flies fast. Yesterday we’re still child here, and now, you’re my fiancé now, moreover, you’re my future husband.” Kairi explained.


“Me too, Kairi. I missed you too. Sometimes I just hoped that the program should be ended fast. I couldn’t stand to meet you again. Yeah. And now you’re my fiancée, moreover future wife.” Sora said as he stroked Kairi’s hair.


“And yeah, Kairi, I shall return this to you.” Sora said as he handed over Kairi’s wayfinder, “I kept this everytime during my student exchange. It made me remind me of you.”


“Oh, you keep it. Thanks.” Kairi said as she received her wayfinder, “you know what? Once we have got married without this wayfinder, we can meet each other everyday, right?”


“Yeah. We’ll be together always.” Sora nodded.


“Sora, I think you should proud at yourself, you also can life without any keyblade things, right? We’re now living like normal people do.” Kairi said.


“Yeah, you’re right, Kairi. Back then, I was just busy fighting with heartless, nobodies, organization XIII things, and didn’t think about you a lot although sometimes I missed you. But now, we’re free now. We can live like normal people do. Without any keyblade things and enemy things.” Sora explained.


“And remember what Yuna and Tidus said back then? We can make a good family.” Kairi replied.


“Ah yeah, speaking of Yuna and Tidus, how are they?” Sora asked.


“They have 2 children now, a boy and a girl. They’re healthy and cute. Sometimes we should visit them!” Kairi suggested.


“you’re right. And to be honest, I’m jealous at them. They can make a good family. I just hope we can like them.” Sora said as he looked at Kairi.


“Of course we can, Sora! We’ll have a good family just like them.” Kairi said as she touched Sora’s cheek, “anyway, let’s go back. it’s getting darker.”

Sora nodded as they went back to the island.


Finally the marriage day had come. Riku and Roxas helped Sora for his preparation, while Selphie and Namine helped Kairi for her preparation. Once they had been ready, the marriage ceremony was begun. The marriage had done well as had planned. Sora and Kairi finally became official couple, they’re now husband and wife. All of their friends congratulated them for their marriage.  They’re happy that their friends finally got married and happy together as official couple.


After 8 months marriage, Roxas, Namine, Riku, and Selphie decided to visit Sora and Kairi’s home, which they wanted to play with them after they hadn’t visited them for a long time.


“So, how’s your life after marriage, Kairi?” Namine asked.


“Well, I’m doing okay. And Sora has become more protective than ever, since…”


“Since what?” Roxas asked.


“Well, you know…” Kairi replied as she stroke her stomach.


“Kairi, don’t tell me…” Selphie guessed.


“you’re pregnant now?” Riku guessed.


“That’s right, Riku. I’m pregnant now!” Kairi replied them happily as her friends gave her smiles.


“Woah, Congratulations! How old is the pregnancy Kairi?” Selphie asked.


“It’s… 2 months now.” Kairi replied as Sora entered his room.


“Woah, guys, Hello.” Sora greeted as he entered the room.


“Sora, congratulations, you’re now a father!” Riku congratulated.


“Hey, thanks man!” Sora replied as he tossed Riku, “what are you guys doing here?”


“We’re visiting both of you because we miss you! We always want to visit you, but you know, we’re very busy back then, so I guess today is the right time! And yeah, Kairi told us that you’re about to have a baby soon! Congratulations!” Selphie explained.


“Yeah, I was surprised as well, when Kairi told me that she’s pregnant, I couldn’t believe it that we’re now parents, right, Kairi?” Sora said as he approached Kairi to kiss her and stroke her stomach.


“Yeah. He kept saying ‘I love you’ to me!” Kairi replied as she kissed Sora. “So, ‘I love you’ words are not hard to say if you have strong feelings, right?”


“Yeah, you’re right. I can’t be happier than this! I can’t wait to see it born.” Sora replied as he stroked Kairi's stomach once again.


All of them were laughing when they were listening to the story of Sora and Kairi after got married. They enjoyed the day when they were gathering together, sharing each other stories. They also hoped that Sora and Kairi would be good parents for their baby and prayed for their baby would be born safe and healthy. ~FIN~




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:) :) I hope so too! anyway, I have updated till the last chapter! So, The Fanfiction will be able to read in its full version! Enjoy! :D

Amazing! Can't wait to read the great work of art. :)

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