The rise and fall of AK-Ni-Sue (signups and discussion)

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PROLOGUE – The history of INdriathos


Magic is normal. It’s a way of life. Mages were once the most feared and respected group in Indriathos. Their skill in manipulating magic was so revered they were almost gods among men. There was no cost to their abilities and each of them had incredible power that could reshape the world as he saw fit. However this led to their downfall. Each one thought himself better than the others and soon war broke out and most of them killed each other. This killing continued most of them perished until one person known as the true god found a way to seal away the magic power of everyone on earth. This did not succeed however it limited magic and made it hard to understand. Now everyone is surrounded by entities called the old ones. Today’s mages are quite different than before. Now to use magic is to communicate with the old ones. This is a feat not all are capable of and what’s more the language in which you have to do this changes every moment. Because of all this, warrior is now the most respected profession.


 After the great mage war humans started to recover their strength and as always empires rose and fell. Since then it’s been 5000 years and now is a era of peace. The world has been divided into several nations. The most important are: Brigadhi the south nation of warriors and barbarians, Mertis the empire which is long past its prime, Vernis a newly founded colony that is growing much faster than anyone would have expected, Vahnatia home of the vahnatai a race of strange intelligent creatures fond of crystals and bizarre craftsmanship and lastly the biggest and most feared AK-Ni-Sue an empire much like Mertis however this one is reaching its prime not falling from it.


Intro chapter: Madness in brigadhi


It is time for your execution. Your crime may have been murder or maybe it was pissing off a big shot or maybe just not fitting in. This led you to unfortunately be caught and sentenced to death. Here you are thrown into an underground dungeon and wait the hour. Now the man starts calling you one by one.





Hey as you an see this is a little bit different fro what I usually attempt.  Anyway here's the character sheet:






kingdom of origin (found in prologue):

magic user yes/no:




Weapon (if any):


There will be several sub parts that will be added to your character sheet later on should you act in a way that gets it to you. Also the races will be introduced later in the most part.


Rules will be standard with no god moding and no sex. Cursing is ok just be reasonable.

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