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And it's gonna burn the whole world... Really badly.



Nah. Just kidding! It's gonna be fun and exciting, full of adventure and awesomeness!post-54962-0-28862200-1433432422_thumb.jpg


What are YOU going to do during the Summer?

Edited by Steven Drake (SteVentus)

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Not if you're in the Southern Hemisphere. Here you'll freeze to death, especially at night. :/Peace!


Weird, because here in Southern California, you'll sweat to death, especially at night.


Earth sucks so bad sometimes.

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-sigh-  :


1. Family Reunion (get-together) Coming soon...

2. One class in the Summer 2 Term/ Trying to get advised for Fall 2015.

3. Going shopping for clothes to get ready to find a job.

4. Probably working (IF I got a job...)

5. Taking the ASVAB again? ...


Not a big fan of Summer weather.

Here is something what I think of the Summer heat. 

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