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My Art to share (Before & After + Other stuff)

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Decided to revive this thread instead of having to make a new one just to show my improvement, and seeing these are my most recent drawings I will warn you they're all/most of all "Voltron: Legendary Defender" related xD


First we have two "Keyblades" inspired by the Green Lion and the Blue Lion from the series








Next, Voltron x Bloodborne crossover











Lance mermaid!



And last but not least a scary pokemon drawing based on the Phantump pokedex entry. You know, the one about them being the souls of children who died lost in the forest and possessed tree stumps




So yeah. Good to see I've been improving...ish. I should redo some of the drawings from my first post and compare xD


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Wow, these are some wicked drawings, Stardust! It's awesome to see how you've improved over the years! I love how awesome your drawings look! The ones I liked the most were the Keyblade designs, the Bloodborne drawings and that last one about Phantump! Overall, great work! Keep it up! :D

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