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Motomu Toriyama is likely a co-director or event director on FFVII Remake

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Motomu Toriyama, an event planner on the original Final Fantasy VII and director of the Final Fantasy X & XIII series along with Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is likely to have a major role in the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


There are many reasons why I now believe this to be the case.


Firstly Motomu Toriyama has expressed his desire to remake Final Fantasy VII in the past.


Secondly, Toriyama's work on the original VII left a large impact such as cross-dressing Cloud and making Aerith an important character to the player.


Most importantly:


Q4. Aspirations for 2015, or a message for the readers of 4Gamer.

"I am currently working hard on the next project.
We will be able to announce it in 2015, so please look forward to that!"
4Gamer.net posted this on December 27, 2014. 
Nomura says they begun development before the PS4 port's announcement. The port was announced at the start of December 2014.
He also says: “To put it simply, one of main reasons is the timing for the staff members that are developing the game, and how it worked out in our favour,”
What had changed? Lightning Returns had finished development and they couldn't have just been waiting for Kitase.
“Of all the staff that worked on the original Final Fantasy VII, and those who are working on the remake, I’m the youngest one,” Nomura explains.
There isn't that many staff left from the FFVII team. And we already know some of those staff are busy. Eg. Yusuke Naora is art director on FFXV and Hiroki Chiba is director & scenario writer on World of Final Fantasy.
Next, Nomura usually has a co-director. Versus XIII went shockingly until Hajime Tabata joined the project as co-director, and all the Kingdom Hearts games since Kingdom Hearts II have had a co-director. Nomura has reportedly said he lacks the skill to control a large team. Instead, he relies on a co-director to help lead development. 
Motomu Toriyama as someone who left an impact on the original game and has since directed 5 AAA Final Fantasy games, including 3 during the HD era has a lot of experience.
Motomu Toriyama also confirmed he's still in Kitase's division and as a result Kitase's producing his title. Kitase is of course producing the VII Remake.
Hopefully we get a confirmation of what he's working on soon.
New fact:
“Our publishers take us through their slates,” he said, recalling a meeting with Square from earlier last year. “When he said ‘FFVII remake’, I said, ‘uhhh excuse me’? At first, I assumed it was the PC one, the PC one wasn’t a remake.
“They said: ‘We’re doing the full one.’ 
- Adam Boyes, head of third-party developer relations at PlayStation
Checks out with when Toriyama & Kitase returned to work after LR & X/X-2 HD.

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So why isn't he directing it instead of Nomura. Actually, why is Nomura even directing it, heck why is Nomura directing everything? Do they trust him that much?


Nomura had a larger role on the original VII and was heavily involved with every Complication of Final Fantasy VII title.

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