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|KH13 Adventures: Prologue - Dark Times| *PM if you want in the story*

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So since it's summer, I like English aaand I have A LOT of free time. I did what any aspiring writer would do and went onto my local forum, made a thread and decided to make a story. I think the main reason i'm doing this is so I can A) Get some writing experience in; more is more in this instance. B) Get constructive criticism (hopefully) from you guys reading and finally C) For top keks.

This is mainly going to be improvised writing as if I want to continue this past the summer then my free time will suddenly disappear and I think it's better to get into a rhythm now rather than see a dramatic decrease in quality later. So yes, I may have to sacrifice quality for silliness, but after all this is for fun, right? I also want to be criticized on my writing style and on my ability to intrigue and interest those reading. Let's face it, if i'm boring, nobody is going to want to read what I write. Also, expect the chapters to be relatively short.

(Expect sprinklings of bad language)
So without further ado...


Prologue: Dark Times


It is a time of chaos in the citadel. War has scoured, ravaged and destroyed the lands. The word 'peace' now brings intense paranoia to those even brave enough to seek it, as treaties of all kind are broken in various heinous acts of betrayal. A strapping young rebel named DemyxIsBest, brave enough to challenge the powers that be, longing for freedom, has infiltrated the IGotC's (International Governance of the Citadel) main command centre and has sent out an intergalatic distress signal, requesting for the help of anyone enough daring enough to try and change the fate of the galaxy...

"Work, damnit!"
Demyx was frantically pushing the many confusing buttons on the control panel, glancing behind him in fear as the tendrils sweat began to slither down his forehead. He knew there wasn't much time. He could hear the military commander barking orders down the comms like a disgruntled terrior,
"Get to the control panel! F6 Room 94! Move it, you imbeciles!"
Finally, in what had seemed like an absolute eternity, Demyx heard the most reassuring voice.
"Data transmitting. Message broadcasting in T-minus-2 minutes."

He scanned over the various data screens, showing all sorts of incomprehensible graphics, data sheets, bar chats and coding. His eyes widened with anxiety as he saw men passing through the security camera, running hurriedly with their captain pointing and waving his arms like an eccentric school teacher. Crap! They're only a couple of minutes away! He fiddled with some more knobs and levers until one of them gave him a huge scare. Suddenly the doors clamped down with the ferocity of a crocodile snapping down its powerful jaws. Yes! This'll buy me some time! He started to wriggle and squirm with excitement, he'd thought he had done it! Could this be the start of the resistance I was so desperately waiting for?!


His mind began to wander to the past of the Mars colony. The ruthlessly oppressive IGotC had creeped menacingly into the Solar System just like it had so many other colonies in the vast universe, wearing the guise of a peaceful trade federation - but then had bore its talons and had struck down the ones responsible for the harmonious and prosperous Mars colony; turning it into giant slave factory, only used for the IGotC's capital gain. Demyx had stood idly by and watched the mayhem unfold from the sidelines, his gut wrenched with each passing day until he felt his mind explode! He had to do something! This was his way of repentance of failing to protect the lives of so many innocent civilians, he was so close...


He was jolted into reality by the sound of grinding against the glistening steel of the door, which had been earlier locked down. He saw heat lines shimmer and dance infront of him, and then his jaw dropped in horror as reality smacked him in the face; They're melting through!
"Sh*t!" All concentration was now long as his attention was now focused on the computer's countdown, it was only at 37 seconds, time seemed to be going even slower than before, slower than the eternity of before, slower still.. He turned around with shock, fear and desperation as the IGotC's militants had broken through. There were 4 of them clad in all jet black, matte, menacing and sophisticated. They looked the part, and as Demyx's eyes moved up their bodies an icy chill was sent pulsating down his spine as his eyes fixated on their gas masks and their blood red eye slots.


Without even a word uttered, not even a mere flinch of the bone or twinge of the muscle, they all simultaneously fired their rifles, their tools of destruction, their weapons of remorselessness. No sooner had they pulled the trigger than Demyx felt all the strength from his body desert him, he hit the iron-grilled flooring with a large thud. At that very moment, he was the most hopeless being in the universe. He felt devoid of warmth, his very soul drained. He felt his eyelids tremble as the final thoughts dreamily flowed through the rivers of his consciousness. He knew he was going to die as soon as he set foot into the command centre, such was the unforgiving nature of these cold-blooded tyrants. All was silent and still for a brief second, but then he heard the last voices he would ever hear, "DATA TRANSFER COMPLETE. GALACTIC SIGNAL SENT, UNIVERSAL TRANSMISSION ESTABLISHED."


His last ever emotion would be one of hope, the faintest of hope, but hope nevertheless. He used the last of his strength to reassure himself that he had not died in vain, it had never occurred to him that it would all be over so quickly, and thus, he slipped away into the eternal abyssal void.
Hope you enjoyed, please comment your thoughts below.
Feel free to PM me if you want to be involved in the story!

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You should try and remove those highlighted copy marks; if you copy paste then do ctrl +shift + v if you're on windows. I don't know what it is on Mac. Otherwise great story!

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You should try and remove those highlighted copy marks; if you copy paste then do ctrl +shift + v if you're on windows. I don't know what it is on Mac. Otherwise great story!

Done, glad you enjoyed. :)

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