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Kingdom Hearts: Black & White (+Concept Art)

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Original known as "Kingdom Hearts: After the Storm" this fan project is an animatic series taking the Kingdom Hearts formula and replacing both Disney and Final Fantasy with Warner Bros. properties and Fairy Tail. This story will take place in a different universe than the official Kingdom Hearts series. Creating a story that potentially could exist in the same universe but does not.


Story: Horizon (our main character) along with 4 other Keyblade Masters live inside the dojo of their master (who died many years ago) They made a promise to keep getting stronger incase darkness will attempt to swallow their world. However; they kept themselves inside the dojo for so long that Darkness had been swallowing their world right under their noses, with the dojo being the last to be swallowed. Horizon's goal is to find the missing 4 Masters and find out where that darkness came from.


A new threat arrises. A being destined to remove all color from the worlds. For if there is no color, there is no emotion. And if there is no emotion; people will have no will to resist coming an endless feast for the heartless.


I have some concept art below. You can also comment ideas for the series!











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