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Thalani melrova's Diary

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[You find a bound diary in a punished sack]


It is currently 1AM, Morndas of the 13th of Sun's Height


I finished preparing the mystic tablet that I found in some ayleid ruins and decided to test it out. I has been searching for an artifact to better my artistic skills, and I thought perhaps this would be it.


The mystic tablet was obviously cursed, as a darkening aura surrounds it, and mark of a daedra is inscribed upon it. As soon as I placed my hand on it, my hands drew strange things without my control.


By Azura, I ought to have known better. I know tevina is quite experienced in these things, perhaps I should ask her for help next time I am in chorrol for some advice.


I can only hope the curse has no other unexpected side effects until then..


[The diary abruptly ends here, a claw mark from a scamp tears the other pages]

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