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What is your favorite game genre?


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  1. 1. What is your favorite game genre?

    • RPG
    • Shooter
    • Platformer
    • Action/Adventure
    • Racing
    • Stealth
    • Another favorite genre? Comment below!

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I'm gonna agree with most of the others, RPG is one of my top favorite game genres.


However, here's my top 5:


1) Action/Adventure

2) Platformer

3) RPG

4) 3rd-person shooter

5) Puzzle


And of course, there are some of the Subcategories, such as RPG action, Puzzle FPS, and Certain forms of RPG fighting games (Soul Caliber had something like that in SC 3), but all of those are in between so I am unsure if those count.

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My favorite games are Action/Adventure either mixed with RPG's (Kingdom Hearts), Shooters (Uncharted or The Last of Us), or Platformers (God of War could be considered one in some aspects). 


I also love RPG's, but I much prefer it if they're not Turn-based RPG's.

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I'm okay with any kind of genre, except for first person shooters and racing games, since they really don't pique my interest. (The only FPS games I have are the Call Of Duty: Blacks Ops games, and the only racer I've played is Mario Kart, lol.)  But, my absolute favorite genre has to be RPG's!  Role-playing games offer deep, immersive and wonderful experiences, and to me, it's one of the best genres in gaming!  And the best thing of all is that RPG's have many different stories to tell, and lots of interesting gameplay styles to offer! :D

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