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Just saw the movie Pixels and.....I love it. I really truly enjoyed. Although there is that one pixel character that only appears in one scene that I wish they used more of, but other than that, I loved the action, loved the comedy, LOVED the Pixels that they used...


......PIXELS LOVE!!!! <3 <3 <3 Go and see it! It's awesome! So many old classics came to life!


If there is one character that would be Pixelized and you would want to keep, who would it be?

Personally, I want my Mappy Police Mouse. xD

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I'm legitimately unable to tell if the people praising the movie are being sarcastic or not.

Should ask them what some of their favorite movies are. If Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Jack & Jill are on the list, they're probably lying. :P

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 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Hey now, I thought that was an enjoyably stupid movie. Like, wouldn't call it my favorite, but I like watching it. xD


Anyway, as to this movie, I think we'll give it a try when its out on DVD. The reception is too mixed to risk paying so much to see it in theaters, but I think it might end up being okay.

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