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Power Jusho

Do you think that Sora, Donald, & Goofy will have their own hero costume for the Big Hero 6 world?

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Sora should have Keyblade armour. Not sure about Donald and Goofy.Peace!

We're not even sure that Sora'll get Keyblade Armor.


Why would they need suits to breath? I know Hiro was wearing his suit in the Portal, but it's not like there was anything covering his entire face to keep air in or anything.

They would need the suit because their is no air in the Portal. It's a vacuum, that's why it was sucking things into it in the movie.

Nah, the concept art probably would have shown Sora in some sort of battle armor if he was going to get any.

Well, like you said, it is concept art so it's not final. They could still add it in between now and it's release

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Speaking of the concept art, it looks REALLY good. I find it hard to believe that Nomura drew that.

He didn't, it was drawn by other artists who also work on the series.

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At first I doubted it but after watching the movie yesterday I say they probably will or atleast should. Seeing that Hiro is aware of when "upgrades" are needed I can definitely see him giving Sora, Donald and Goofy a world exlusive outfit. This can happen maybe when first visiting the world or maybe after Sora decides to join the Big Hero 6 (after all he always tries to fit into a world, we saw how fond he was of Port Royal & Christmas Town in KHII, just picture him wanting to be an actual Super Hero and later denying it). A third way I can see this happening is by losing a battle: maybe the scene from the concept art seen in the trailer will happen but resulting in Sora losing to Dark Baymax which would lead Hiro to applying upgrades to Sora as well.

I dont necessarily see this as a keyblade armor though and I don't think he NEEDS the costume

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