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For All Kingdom Hearts YouTubers!

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Tomorrow, we are doing the second episode of The Broken Keys (Re-branded as KingdomCast) podcast. I have a decent amount of slots for the episode, and I would love for ANYONE to come on. If you are available, let me know. If not, you can message me about times you will be available for personal collaboration videos. I am open to collaborate with anyone. :)




Permanent Slots Available: 2

Temporary Slots Available: Infinite

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Im down to collaborate. I'm fully available most of the week, though i work. my schedule is in constant flux but I'm really down for this. Schedule for this week is i can do from 10 am best to 3 pm est or from 11 pm est to 3 am est. Perma is what i want but if not thats cool temporary works for me. 


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I'm going to become a Let's Player and create a channel for that and for KH videos in the future. Is it okay if I can collab with you when j do?

Yes :)

I'd like to be part of the podcast

Of course, when are you available? :)

I will be rebranding the name of The Broken Keys to "KingdomCast".

Everyone who wants to collaborate today, message me your available time, (or comment in this topic). If you have a Skype, let me know, because that is where it will be hosted. I have a much better skype recorder than before, and it will be amazing. Thanks. :)

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