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The Taken King Raid Rant (Spoilers)

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Okay so we are slowly progressing through the raid and then Golgoroth shows up. A false crit and a hidden crit that take almost no damage unless standing in goo right next to him. This if fine though since the false crit makes him attracted to a single target for 20 seconds. You are shooting along and thinking wow I am really destroying this dude right now and then you back up and see the health bar only down 2% from the beginning. So you continue and fight for ten minutes and then he becomes enraged, but you look at his health bar that is still not even half way down. You die and the recap screen shows you did 2 million damage to him along with at least some other teammates breaking 1 million. Not thousands but MILLIONS. Dude has over 15 Million health that you have to eat through with your most likely rare gear in under ten minutes. This is blatantly hard for stupid reasons and not for reasons it should be hard. The fight befote this with the War Priest was hard for good reasons. Figuring out the mechanics and abusing them made that fight amazing. Then you get to this piece of trash fight where you literally are told to shoot this dude for ten minutes and hope to do 15 million damage. The mechanics are simple enough to execute but the health is way too much. Rant over, but trash boss.

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