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Kingdom Hearts DDD HD leak footage

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Couple of hours ago, someone on Reddit has leaked footage of Dream Drop Distance HD. The leaker however, refused to show footage of Chi backcover/movie or Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep fragmentary Passage.

EDIT: The thread about the leak been removed by moderators.
The video shows Sora/Riku fighting dream eaters while exploring traverse town. While the gameplay seem normal, there's many differences and changes in the HD version. Here's all the changes:
>The camera is less focused on Sora/Riku now. It's similar to KH2 camera.
>Sora sounds identical to his KH1 voice. New voice actor maybe?
>Neku is seen blasting fireballs at dream eaters.
>Riku can use and obtain glide early in the game.
>A unknown version of Meow wow is seen in traverse town. The unknown Meow wow is highly dangerous due to it's high ATK. Luckily, it has low health. Can be defeated easily if not reckless.
>Sora obtains Oathkeeper while Riku obtains Oblivion instead of Skull Noise after completing Traverse Town.
>The leaker said after completing a world, unversed will show up along with Dream Eaters. They'll only show up when a world is completed. The leaker never confirmed which unversed will be in.
>Players has the option to choose between Sora/Riku KH1 & DDD costumes at save points.
>Instead Hockomonkey, Sora face Guard Armor and opposite Armor at the same time. Riku faces Hockomonkey brute and mage form.
>Instead of using QR codes to access rare Dream eaters, players must type in codes to receive them. 4 rare dream eaters cards come with the 2.8 game. The cards can be reused many times as people desire.
>When near reality shift, the screens shows a large pink flashing arrow pointing down.
Here's the footage uploaded by the leaker.
EDIT: Video been removed by Square Enix. 















Not true lol


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