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Kingdom Hearts The True Nobodies

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This world is connected..tied to the darkness..

Xemnas walked through the world that never was.?As he sat on his chair in where Nothing Gathers.He thought about Ansem.

"I can't let that Ansem get through my Kingdom Hearts...."he said.

He looked outside the sun roof,and saw a green beam rushing through the heart.

"ROXAS!!!"he yells.A relam of darkness appears and a boy with golden spiked hair appears.He was with his friend Xion.

"Xemnas???"he asks.

Xion looks at him.He snaps his fingers and Xion walks away.

"Roxas...I need you..to destroy someone..."he said.

Roxas widens his eyes.

"Who?"he asks,summoning his keyblade.His keyblade was orange engraved with the words Xion.

"Nooo.no..no.noo.I meant a boy.His name begins with R."

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