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HarLea Quinn

Official Community KH Merchandise "For Sale/Trade" Thread

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Hey wonderful members of our KH13 community! Here is the official thread where you can post your links and sell or trade any of your awesome KH stuff to other rad KH fans! Please do not spam the chat system or status's advertising though. Let's make a deal here! Please post all Kingdom Hearts "for sale" and "for trade" related requests in here only!


Have fun! :)

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That's awesome!


Dang maybe I should invest into a 3DS XL. Issue is I just know the next handheld system will be out by next year. e.e


Definitely invest in the New 3DS. You have an access to so many 3DS and DS games with high speed performance, plus, you can play Super Nintendo games too!

(that, and the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is exclusive to the New 3DS and is so totally worth the investment for that game alone!)



That's really cool.


Thanks, I was originally thinking of creating a Big Hero 6 or Xenoblade Chronicles skin but that didn't really work out as planned so I settled with this.



Its for sale? How do you apply the changes to a 3DS?


For that particular one, It's a sticker. So once you get the sticker, you stick it to the respective sides of your New 3DS. You can create your own by making a Decalgirl account.



Wow, I gotta say, that 3DS XL skin definitely looks badass!  Great work! :D


Cheers, if ever you get a 3DSXL, I recommend that you like this cover so it can get popular ;)



Nice but I got this one in gold on my blue new 3ds:



It matches very great.


As cool as the one that you have is, it's just a regular 3DS. The one that I've shown is for the New 3DSXL.

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