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What kind of Videogame food/consumable have you wanted to try?

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Every time you use a potion on your characters or feed berries to your Pokemon, have you ever wondered WHAT they taste like? Tell us what edible item from a videogame you would like to try in real life!


Some examples would be: Sea Salt Ice~ wait, you can already do that. Lol

Elixir, Oran Berry, Magic Potion, etc.


And say what game the item is from! If it's a potion, be specific. Because Potions from Final Fantasy are very different from the Potions in something like Skyrim. (Though I never played Skyrim)


Well, for me, I'd like to know what Potions from Kingdom Hearts taste like.

Posted Image


And another would be the Oran Berry from Pokemon. Is it sour? Is it sweet? I want to taste it for myself.

Posted Image



Rock on!

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I'd still put Sea Salt Ice Cream on my list because even though it exists out there in Tokyo DisneyLand Resort, it doesn't mean that it exists anywhere else. Seriously, NO ONE HAS EVEN BOTHERED TO MAKE IT A MASS PRODUCED FLAVOR! WHAT THE HELL DRYERS!!?? The closest thing we get is Sea Salt Caramel, but that's just way too...caramely. xP


It may be a real flavor somewhere, but as far as everywhere in the region of Not-Japan, it doesn't exist at all. T_T


Otherwise I would want to try recovery items like potions, ethers, and elixers and what not. Good god I could use an elixer for every day of school I have... T3T"


And maybe those rings from Sonic. I mean, I don't think they're supposed to be edible, but that Sonic Boom quote tho... X3""

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