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New Dengeki PlayStation article features details on Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts 2.8

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The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine features new art by Tetsuya Nomura in celebration of Dengeki PlayStation's 600th issue as well an entire special spread dedicated to the Kingdom Hearts series. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ were featured most prominently in this special, including many screenshots as well as several comments by series director Tetsuya Nomura.


For now, we have a few tweets about the content of the special, thanks to @_ikenie

Battle with Xehanort draws to a close, his motivation for acquiring the Kingdom Hearts discussed a little


What "Kingdom Hearts" actually is won't be fully revealed until the very end of KH3. It will be discussed further than previous entries

Full translations can be found under the spoiler tag. Thanks to Kayla Copeland (nichiei.translations@gmail.com) for the translations.




Congratulations on Volume #600. We've been together for a while.[/font]

I feel very fortunate that the timing of [KH2.8] coincides with this special anniversary.[/font]

I would like to portray my feelings of felicitation regarding both occasions.[/font]


For the sake of expediting the schedule, the King and the others were drawn beforehand,[/font]

but in order to create a more unified feeling, they're being redrawn from scratch.[/font]

Actually, Chirithy (on the right) is holding a pen [/font]and was originally supposed to be writing a congratulatory message in the upper right-hand corner, [/font]but in order to match with the layout, I had to cut it off. [/font]As for what was written there, please read it with the eyes of your hearts.[/font]


When I think about it, I've been allowed to draw the cover many times in the past, [/font]but what I remember most are the bitter memories of wanting to redraw the “Parasite Eve” cover. [/font]In the end, I never got that chance, but it's a good memory. (laughs)[/font]


I'll be continuing on with [KH2.8]'s release and [KHIII], [/font]so if this opportunity ever arises again, I would be honored to participate. [/font]In addition, I plan to talk about [FFVII] in either the 700[/font]th[/font], or 777[/font]th[/font] volume, [/font]so please look forward to that as well.[/font]


[Kingdom Hearts] Series Director: Tetsuya Nomura[/font]


[Kingdom Hearts III] is the conclusion we've been waiting for, with Sora as the protagonist for the [Dark Seeker] series. And now, three more keys to unlocking that final chapter's door have been introduced with [Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue]. Introducing these two titles, mixed with Tetsuya Nomura's commentary, we'll pursue the remaining mysteries![/font]



A young man who has been the series protagonist since the first game. In order to search for the “key to return their hearts,” he has set out on a new journey in an all-new story.[/font]


KEY POINT[/font]

Fight in new worlds while heading toward the final battle![/font]


It has already been presented that in [Kingdom Hearts III] (hereon known as [KHIII]), we will be traveling to a new world based on [Tangled], as well as the appearance of a [Big Hero 6] world. As for the other worlds, we're curious as to how many of the worlds will be ones we've traveled to before. In this series, we've encountered a wide variety of Disney characters, and by combining our strengths we've solved a lot of problems--that's been the flow for the most part. We're hoping to see more of that.[/font]


PICK UP[/font]

Finally, a conclusion to the [Dark Seeker] series![/font]

The [Dark Seeker] (or, Seeker of Darkness) series is a story featuring Sora as the protagonist since the very beginning. In [KHIII], we will fight a final battle to defeat the main cause of the battle over “Kingdom Hearts,” the mastermind Xehanort. It's also a point of concern to find the whereabouts of the three protagonists of [KHBbS], Terra, Aqua and Ventus.[/font]


WHAT IS BIG HERO 6?[/font]

This film was released in theaters in 2014. Based on a story in the Marvel Comics universe, he Walt Disney Animation Studios created the film using CG animation. In order to find out the truth of his older brother's death, the protagonist Hiro stands up to fight with the robot his brother created, Baymax. A powerful enemy stands before these two.[/font]



Up in a tall tower hidden deep in the forest lives a girl named Rapunzel, who has long, blonde hair that possesses magical powers. You'll want to check out this film before playing.[/font]



PS4 - Release Date TBA - Price TBA[/font]

The next numbered title to succeed the 2005 release of [KHII]. Sora and his friends move forward, now understanding the meaning of their fight for Kingdom Hearts against Xehanort, and search for the seven protectors of light on an all-new journey![/font]



And so all of the mysteries will be unraveled--[/font]

We'll encompass all of the information released up until this point.[/font]

In addition, we'll delve into the information regarding the final game and the episodes leading up to the conclusion of the [Dark Seeker] series.[/font]


KEY POINT[/font]

The abilities of the keyblade are affected by the wielder's heart!?[/font]


In this work, it seems that Sora has the ability to change the form of the keyblade. The armored man (“Lingering Will”) he met in a previous encounter was also able to change the shape of his keyblade, and Terra, Aqua, and Ventus were all able to change it into a machine they could ride on, and now Sora finally can, too! Is this because Sora's heart has matured, or did he gain this ability after training?[/font]


(red text) These appear to be gun arrows, but there are plenty of other forms[/font]

< The weapon he's holding in his right hand appears to be ice-powered, and the one in his left is designed to use lightning. They also resemble the gun arrows that Xigbar used...!?[/font]


PICK UP[/font]

New “Attraction Flow” makes a flashy appearance[/font]


A big highlight is the new “Attraction Flow” added into the action portions of the game. These are special attacks based on attractions in the Disney theme parks, and from what we've seen, Sora can ride on a roller coaster, a viking ship, and teacups; you can damage enemies with these flashy techniques. It seems that there will be plenty more of these skills.[/font]


^ Sora, Donald, and Goofy rotate on the cups, and the coffee cup damages enemies. The brightly-designed electric illuminations are especially vivid![/font]


(red text) Pegasus is pulling a chariot?[/font]

< Sora is controlling a vehicle resembling an Ancient Roman war chariot. Can powerful enemies be defeated with this?[/font]> You can also become gigantic. The design resembles Hercules gripping lightning!?[/font]


KEY POINT[/font]

What is the conclusion of the battle with Xehanort?[/font]

In [KHIII], the seven protectors of light will clash with Xehanort!? This will also serve as the conclusion to the [Dark Seeker] series. In addition, it appears that we will be meeting a young Xehanort at the beginning of the story, as well as finding out how he came to hold the wish of “obtaining Kingdom Hearts, and return the balance of light and darkness”..?[/font]


(red text)[/font]

Xehanort held interest in the darkness since his days as an apprentice?[/font]

^Xehanort told Eraqus, who trained with him under the same master, “The Lost Master caused the Keyblade War,” and “At that place, light will lose to darkness.” He seemed to also understand a lot about the mysteries of past happenings.[/font]


Creator's Voice [KINGDOM HEARTS] -- Tetsuya Nomura[/font]


--The term “Lost Master” appeared in the conversation between Xehanort and Eraqus at the beginning of [KHIII]--is that someone who will tie into to [KHx]?[/font]

Nomura: It's something that'll be discussed further in [KHx], [KHUx], and [KhxBC], but it'll be used in [KHIII].[/font]


--In what we've seen so far, Master Xehanort's keyblade has a special feature of a single strike, but will that be explained in [KHIII]?[/font]

Nomura: It'll be talked about in [KhxBC] and will connect to [KHIII].[/font]


--Will you clearly explain the definition of the word “Kingdom Hearts,” and explain what exactly it is in [KHIII]?[/font]

Nomura: Since this is also involving the final stage, I can't say how much yet, but it will be talked about more than it has before so far.[/font]


--Please tell us more about the “Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater” event in this year's D23 on 11/3.[/font]

Nomura: Before we've used the concept of a “stage,” but this time, since it is a “theater,” please look forward to a theatrical production.[/font]




The prologue game to [KHIII] starring Sora and Riku[/font]

An HD release of [KH3D Dream Drop Distance], which was originally released in 2012. It relays a story in which Sora and Riku serve as the protagonists and journey to “sleeping worlds.” The game comes right before [KHIII] on the timeline, and it serves as the final prologue for that title. Sora and Riku take their Mark of Mastery exam, members of Organization XIII return to the picture, and several other not-to-be-missed special events occur. Before playing [KHIII], be sure to learn more about this story first.[/font]


KEY POINT[/font]

After passing the Mark of Mastery, Sora and Riku head for the final battle!![/font]


Sora, who up until this point had been using the keyblade with a self-taught method, and Riku must take the Mark of Mastery in order to learn the correct way to wield, as well as build their strength. In the sleeping worlds that serve as the stage for the exam, they fight against monsters called Dream Eaters and gain maturity along the way. The strength that they build during the test will surely serve them well in the battle awaiting them at the conclusion of [KHIII]. It's worth paying attention to.[/font]



The connection between [KHDDD] and [KHIII][/font]

KH ReCoded[/font]

Yensid talks about the revival of Master Xehanort. In order to battle against the forces of darkness, he calls upon Sora and Riku.[/font]


KH DDD[/font]

In preparation for the coming battle, Sora and Riku take their Mark of Mastery exam. They travel the seven sleeping worlds and unlock the seven sleeping keyholes.[/font]



Opens right after the events of [KHDDD]. An older Sora and his companions face Master Xehanort in an all-out final battle.[/font]


(red text)[/font]

The two who journey through sleeping worlds[/font]

< Sora and Riku “dive” into the sleeping worlds' dreams. On their journey, they also encounter characters from [The World Ends With You]![/font]




In order to gain new strength, he sets out to complete his Mark of Mastery exam. During the test, he reverts back to his 14 year-old self.[/font]



Sora's best friend and a keyblade wielder. In order to test his worthiness, he participates in the Mark of Mastery exam.[/font]


Gain great strength by fighting with Dream Eaters![/font]

^ While fighting the Dream Eaters in the sleeping worlds, Sora and Riku aim to unlock the keyholes. The fight at the end of the story is also quite startling![/font]


KEY POINT[/font]

Organization XIII members once again appear![/font]

One of the members of Organization XIII closes in on the King and his friends![/font]

Organization XIII has a connection to Sora and his friends. Their dispute was settled in [KHII], but they appear once again in [KHDDD]. A portion of the members return to their human forms, and Lea (formerly known as Axel) and the others move toward a new objective. How they behave in [KHIII] will likely not be a plot point we can overlook.[/font]


<Lea approaches the King and the others with a new goal. We should pay attention to what he's up to in even the final chapter of the series.[/font]



Organization XIII's No. 8, Axel, who has returned to his original human form. He was best friends with No. 13, Roxas.[/font]


PICK UP[/font]

You can see the results of the test in [KHIII][/font]


After overcoming many trials and battles in the sleeping worlds, Sora and Riku completed their exam. The two matured as a result, and you can see the fruits of their labors in [KHIII]. As a result of the strength gained on their journey up to this point, what kind of changes will we see with them?[/font]


^Is the power to change the keyblade's form something Sora learned on his travels? Also, we're hoping to see the same kind of growth in Riku after taking his test.[/font]


PICK UP[/font]

What about the whereabouts of No. 9 through 12?[/font]


A portion of the original members of Organization were revived. We still don't know the whereabouts of the remaining members, but perhaps this is something that will be revealed in [KHIII].[/font]

> Ansem the Wise's research assistants returned to their original human forms.[/font]