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The World Is tired of the pain it feels. It wants Penances, It Causes The Life stream in itself to poison everything and all Inhabitants Living on it. This Created the First Age Of the “Tod De Mis Mue”. Kingdoms began to fall because crop wouldn't grow. All Sickness became Terminal And People Without reason Were no longer Fertile


In the Second age, the Helhides Emerged And scorched the land Forcing More and more souls to become corrupt the planet knew the Process was taking to long, So the first the weak transformed. The planet forces the soul in the weak ones 'humans and animals' out of there vessel, Then slowly fill it with the madness and Hatred Of the Essence From hell. Transforming the body into a twisted distorted scarred Fleshy being there were no Defense for the humans who lived on.


4 Years later, the Third age began. The age Of Omni, A precious Metal was found and it was dubbed the Omni Craft Steel. It was Blessed With what innocence was left on the planet. Giving the humans a Fighting chances. But this was naught, for the Omni craft steel became harder and harder to find. It became apparent that it would not just be forged by any black smith the smith had to be Bad the metal will absorb the evil and break away. Neither can the black smith be weak or else it will not forge.

This is the age where mankind can turn things around. This is the age you are set in.


The world is set with many disadvantages such as being stuck with minimal technology. Some things have a futuristic aspect to it. The main threat are the Helhides Anyone with a weak will or on the verge of death will become a Helhide. Suicidal or Bad people even the way you die, all which breed different kinds of helhides. Helhides Are Especially Difficult to kill. being only killed by Omni Crafted Blades Which are forged From Dark Steel. Made only by the STRONGEST of blacksmith. The Omni Craft has an ability that can be released By the user saying the words Release. They all Do different things depending on the user Some can destroy some can heal, Others are imaginably strong and others Spitefully Weak.


Castles are the main structure, the Cities still have a taste of what beauty that once lived there. Now a lot of things look over worn. Everything Goes into the military nothing is above fighting and slaying helhides. The soldiers that hail from The Six School of war are jerks and are only in it for the fame and women. They Don't do much to protect everyone but a lot of them Are for themselves. Rarely Do soldiers have manners towards everyone. There is one State that survived to thrive and it stands alone. All the rest of the world has fallen to the “Tod de mis mue” And other Outskirt villages Don't survive and have no contact with the gigantic State “Los UnDecante” With much smaller Cities having the same Feel to them. Los Undecante Has Huge walls And Priests that make sure if you Die in the walls You Don't come back as a helhide. The people are afraid of the helhides And will avoid you if they believe you might turn into one. The Helhides range from Husk to Devil. This is a system that the Soldiers use to define the Monstrosities they fight. Be careful how you kill a helhide they do not die easy. They can only be slain with a Omni Crafted Weapon. Anything else and they will comeback Stronger, they Fuel Off of Pain. Some helhides will even harm themselves to get stronger if they are smart enough.


Los UnDecante is the only safe place from the outside world and will not give that up without a fight. The People are Sweet and the Innocents of children still want to flourish, its up to the heroes to makes sure everything gets better.




Schools and Classes:

Dragon: Lancers(Lagonite) Spears or Lances And Halberds (Galekite) Halberds And Great hammers


Mane: Knights(Amaro) Swords and shields/ Great Swords And Archers(Cero) Bow, cross bow, Rifle,


Serpent: Samurai(Edge) katanas or washing poles And Ninjas(Fang) Daggers or short swords


Mantis: Martial artists(Monk) brass knuckles staffs or gauntlets And Shrine keepers(Fuyu) Talismans/tarot cards or Naginata


Swan: Fencer (Vice) has Rapier called ralphials and Twin swords called Dianox. Whipfighter(Thorn) has the standard whip call the Latigo but come in many Different forms and the rope dart called the striker.


Revenants: Priest (Arbiter) mace and shield or scythe. Alchemistary (Sylph) poisons/acids or Explosive






  • All kh13 rules apply

  • No God Modding

  • Romance Is Encouraged- no freaky stuff just fade okay-

  • Characters can Die -You are not a god and if you try to be I will knock you down- lol

  • No more than two characters – I control the story so I kinda have to break this rule- But if your one or two characters Die you can make one or two more.

  • Team up please- it makes it easy to provide story- But you don't have too.

  • your omni release Weapon abilities can be no more than 3 Different abilities and one element. The Omni release Can Do Anything you put it to do, But aslong as it doesn't Be considered OP.

  • Post about once a day! Pretty Please!


type in “Omni” if you read the rules


Character Sheets


Name: “Name” Of the “School”
















Name: Artellis Harvey of the Dragons 

Gender: male

Age: 32

Class: Lancer

Weapon: Pike and shield

Element: Darkness

Ability: Blind, Phantom step, Illusion.

Bio: He has been Working with the military Since he was 15, his father being a higher ranking soldier it was easy for him to get in. he had a life as a farmer before he told his mother that he wanted to join the Six schools of war. His mother refused at first, but after talking to his father she began to become okay with it. She visits him very often to give him food and stuff. He is considered to be a mothers boy but he will not openly state it. he was first trained as a mane, then became a dragon through his long-ranged tactic fighting style. his master saw great potential and awarded him court Captain Ranking. So now he is in charge of strictly training the recruits. But only he is too merciful to treat them so strict. he is much like a soft giant. but his serious side, could peel the hide off of a demon. his glance was consider to make people feel dehumanized and their very soul crushed. No worries, It takes a lot to get him like this. "What goes Well, Ends Well.. hehehe"

Personality: Kind, Calm, Quirky, Jolly, Fatherly, Optimistic And Nurturing.

Appearance:Posted Image


Name: Latia Resijil of the serpent

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Class: Ninja 

Weapon: Wire

Element: Wind

Ability: Saw, Wrap, Negro De Mata

Bio:She was alone always alone. She never had done anything for herself nor did she want anything to begin with. till her father became a drunkard, and she over heard her mother saying she was going to sell her youngest sister. So to prevent this, she joined the Six schools of war by lying about who she was and how old she was. she was merely two weeks shy from being twelve. She was great at lying and could do it with out second thought to those she doesn't have a lick of care for. She rose very fast and could kill with thinking about it, For Lartamis is a Sociopath and cannot feel when she kills someone. but for some reason she is never seen with any money of her own. she seems to have given it away. Some believe she Doesn't want it, others like Artellis knows where it really goes. "Release... lets see the blood"

Personality: Serious, always serious, never laid back, on guard, Fearless, Cautious, keen, Cunning, Will Play Joke On those she likes, 

Quirks: Sleeps in high places, Fiddles with her wires, tensing them till they sound like an instrument and plays them. Sighs like a lot.

Appearance:Posted Image


Name: Traverno Gratti of the Mane

Gender: male

Age: 22

Class: Archer Cero

Weapon: 2x Scoped Rifle

Element: Fire

Ability: Heat Shot, Ash Sight, Oblivion Burn

Bio: Traverno is a ladies man, He has alot of faith in the way he can talk and his eyes are set on latia for reasons unknown. He believes he his weapon has the soul of his father because he was the last one to have it and died in battle, but he never turned into a Helhide. Traverno mother died giving birth to him, and turned into a husk and the father had to kill her. Traverno never actually found out about what had happened to his mom his father kept it from him. til this day he wants to bring up the courage to find her. "Heh you think that's all i can do? Here Follow me."

Personality: Suave, Nice, Confident, Jokster, Charming, light hearted, Respectful, layed back.

Quirks: Smokes, And constanly looking at the ground while walking or even sitting. Can't take anything serious.

Appearance:Posted Image



Name: Lana Madam Ada

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Class: Revenant

Weapon: Duel Scythes

Element: Magnetism

Ability: Pull, push, levitate

Bio: She wasn't one to follow what was main stream. she came in contact with any husk and even devils when she was younger. She was quiet scared of them aswell. Til the day her brother died. This is where she gets the second scythe from. She knew that he was great at what he could do, but was in disbelief with him dying. She ended up going missing for a very long time. that was when she was ten, now she's 18.  She is known as the queen of the streets, or the Vermilion princess. And is well hidden she is the go to person for anything the city doesn't want you to have. the town would dub her bad but her cause is just in its own right. She will never leave anyone behind and is quiet mature for her age. "Why would you' need something like that?"

Personality: mature, Smiley, Proper, Giddy, Friendly, Unknowingly Fearsome Calm and collected. 

Quirks: None

Appearance:Posted Image


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