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Super Smash Bros: The Hands' Game (RP Thread)

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((I'm taking into account that Steventus dropped this RP. Check the RP sign-ups for confirmation, if you weren't keeping up. As such, I'm gonna pretend that Falco was never involved in the first place, to have things make at least a little sense. Dunno, if that's how you wanted me to do it Shulk, but if it isn't then please let me know!)) Robin looked over at the new entity that approached him. However, immediately after noticing the slip of paper in the man, Robin looked over at his samurai ally before looking back at Ocelot spinning what Robin could only describe as a strange yet small object; definitely something that Robin had never seen before. "Yes, we're here to fight. That M must mean that you're fighting against us, while you fight with those two." Robin pointed towards Sayaka and DeDeDe, indicating that they're Ocelot's new allies, should he choose to make them allies. Robin took a few steps back in order to properly whisper to the samurai without the other combatants hearing. "This is looking like it will be a three-against-two fight. We should be able to win, though, as long as that weird woman with the weird get-up gets taken out first. She could be dangerous, though her lack of a proper weapon should make her easy to take out. Think you could take care of her while I hold off the other two?"

The Samurai looked over to Robin and nodded, his usual grunt of acceptance following suit. And like a flash, he was off, right over at the oddly-dressed woman. His Katana was drawn and slashed right at her midriff, it was unprotected and could hurt...

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Lucas bulldozed through a Koopa while cloaked in Electric PSI energy as he made his way through the Mushroom Kingdom. Man, this place is pretty nice looking. That castle looks pretty too. He thought as he noticed Peach's castle way off in the distance. No idea what's with those weird brown mushroomy things that have faces though. Those creatures with Red and Blue spotted Mushrooms for heads sure are friendly though.  He pulled out his stick in case he had to come across more Goombahs and the like. "I still wanna get back home though, not neccessarily interested in another journey if i'm honest." The boy continued to walk towards the Castle in the distance.




The Great Big Koopa King folded his arms, annoyed at the current situation, as he was looking around in the vast meadow of Gaur Plains. "Hmph. Those hands got another thing comin' if they think they can boss me around. I look out for Number 1, ME!" He roared out towards the sky. He looked over his shoulder and saw a Krabble coming towards him, about to pounce on him. He quickly took the initiative and ran towards the Krabble, doing a drop kick to send the poor creature flying miles away. "BWAHAHA! Like that weird beetle thing could topple the almighty King. Now, where do i go?" He looked around as he saw a Pink Butterfly flying around. That thing...It's color...Reminds me of Princess Peach. He followed it with his eyes, unable to turn away. Can't...Stop...Looking...at this thing! He thought, entranced by it and unable to focus on anything else and leaving himself wide open.




Reyn was walking around the Jungles of Rumble Falls for awhile, still pondering where to go while looking at the C on his paper that he was given. "Hmph. If that Hand thinks i'm gonna take orders from him to fight people for no reason, he's got another thing coming. I've had enough of Gods already, i just want to go back home. What does C even mean anyway?"


He looked around seeing if he could see anyone. "SHULK, OI! YOU HERE MATE? RIKI, DUNBAN, SHARLA, ANYONE?" He then saw a man clad in a Green tunic up ahead. "OI! YOU THERE! Any idea why we're here and why these crazy hand things wanna make us fight?"

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