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BEWARE - There's a rumor floating around

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Hey folks, just got off from from interwebs digging. Just so no one freaks out I wanted to inform you all that if you see a 2017 Release Date it is fake. There is no date yet but someone trolled saying it's 2017 because of game engine switching. True, the game machine switch did slow them down but no confirmed source said 2017. 


Just a heads up!

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Sure it's not confirmed, but 2017 seems the most likely time right now.



To expand, based off Nomura's one KH game a year policy...


End of this year: Unchained X Hopefully, anyhow.


2016: Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Which will be awesome.


2017: Kingdom Hearts 3? Unless Nomura releases a new game this year, this is the most likely date.

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I consider all re-issues of KH games not an actual game. Unless it's Final Mix which completely changes multiple things in a game not just adding a secret ending. And Mobile games can kind of be considered games though I see them as mini-games.


Fun Fact though: You can google Kingdom Hearts 3 and then on the right you can pre-order it and I was on Best Buy website and you can see a synopsis of the games main story and what you will do. I hope it isn't too far off being as I saw that but if it is then oh well.

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