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Sora96's BLOOD of BAHAMUT Review

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BLOOD of BAHAMUT is an action role-playing video game developed by Think & Feel and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS. It was sadly only released in Japan. I managed to import a copy of the game from Japan and used a fan-translation so I could play it properly and enjoy the story.


The game was directed and written by the legendary Motomu Toriyama. Takanari Ishiyama also helped with the directing while art direction was by Toshitaka Matsuda and the music was composed by Naoshi Mizuta. Mostly the same team that created FINAL FANTASY XII: REVENANT WINGS.


Toriyama of course put together a fine story. There's interesting characters here and each has their own moments but we don't get enough time with them due to the short game.


Matsuda's art direction shines despite the painfully obvious low budget and the games bosses look quite good.


Mizuta puts together a fitting score by nothing amazing, although to be fair the DS speakers don't help.


Gameplay wise it's fun and challenging. It makes good use of the DS' stylus. Plenty of replay value and optional missions to complete which if you complete most of you'll unlock a secret ending.


There's also multiplayer, I obviously couldn't try it though.


The low budget shows but this is a fun game that I do recommend you play if you can.



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