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Seeking Commissions for YouTube/Twitch Channel

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Hi all!


I'm not sure if there's anything in the rules against posting this here, I couldn't find anything in regards to the rules in that regard, so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or anything.


Anyway, I'm looking for someone to do art for my YouTube/Twitch channels. I'm a very small time youtuber, nothing big or anything, but my channels DESPERATELY need art. I did go to Deviantart originally and I had found someone, however, they haven't gotten back to me and they made several mistakes in terms of what I wanted so yeah, I thought it was time to find someone else. So I thought I would come here since one of the big things I'm looking for Kingdom Hearts/Disney inspired artwork for the channel. 


In terms of what I need, well I guess to put it simply, I need everything, lol! I need an avatar, I need banner art, you name it, I probably need it. 


So if anyone out there is interested, please reply or PM me with your prices and some samples of your work. And please, please, PLEASE, let me know how often you are able to communicate frequently or not. I don't want to wait another 7 months (no, I'm not kidding, that's how long the other artist kept me waiting and replies had started getting few and far between the longer it went on) for the art. I understand all too well that stuff in real life comes first, but I would rather be told something will be delayed than be left hanging in the dark and wondering if you vanished, lol.


So if anyone out there is interested, please feel free to reply or PM. I look forward to seeing everyone's work. :)



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Hey! I'm SHIELD, I actually do art for TheGamersJoint, SkywardWing and a bunch of other YouTubers :) if you'd like to see my art you can check it out here :)http://iamshield.deviantart.comhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwsWrrC4zYyR0KBkAFIU0A

Hey can you do art for my YouTube channel as well? it could use a fresh coat of pain since we're now in the year 2016.

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Hello there! :)


If you want, check my Topic out. I did post some of my stuff there, so you should be able to see if you want me to do it for ya or not. ;D


As for the price, I do it free. But I will have to put my name somewhere on the Art, or you have to at least credit me. :3

So, I don't really want too much, right? :P


And I can communicate every day. It may just be a liiittleee bit problematic because of timezones, but heh, I got no problem with that. ^^

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