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KH3 should episodic and have some pay to win stuff

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Before anyone says "This is a bad idea", it's actually a great thing. Why make people buy KH3 for 60 dollars when you can make buy small segments of it for the same price with DLC?


People these days will buy anything that involves video games. So why not? Nomura should do this along with FFXV. A smart business man should know this. Make people empty their wallets with less effort.


Also here's some ideas for it.


* Want to defeat a boss without going the trouble fighting it? Or just having some problems defeating it? Pay 4 dollars to get that boss over with.


* The tournaments should only allow you enter once per day. Can't wait for the day to end? Pay 2 dollars to enter back in.


* Want to Ultima Weapon without all that trouble? Pay 11 dollars.


* Wanna face a secret boss that was a JP exclusive? Pay up 7 dollars.


* Can't go to this area? Pay 1.99 dollars to enter that area.


Or better yet, have the same idea with FE: Fates. By making KH3 into 3 games costing 60 dollars each. Also removing important content and make it DLC cost 20 dollars.

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Are you kidding me lol.




Asides from most people buying different gaming platforms just to play the prequels/sequels you want dlcs with exclusive stuff?



KH 3.1 features a goofy hat, KH 3.2 features a goofy shoe, KH3.3 features the other goofy shoe, and if you buy all these 3 dlcs, for the price of another DLC you can get his armor. In addition to this, buy 6 other silly dlcs to get donald's clothes. And in the meanwhile, why don't you dress Sora like a princess? Only 39,99 for KH3.11, and that does not include the Keyblade pack! Good riddance!



PS: For 69,99 you can get Kairi's clothes. Completely cosmetic and non playable.

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Nice trolling.


This is entirely insane because what impatient person would pay money for a tournament they can literally do the next day.


It's smart business planning.


maybe if used the right way.

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Not sure if serious or just trolling.

But just in case this post is serious...this concept does only benefit one side, and thats always going to be the company. Besides, there is no point playing an RPG when you can just get what you need for some dollars instead of actually playing it.

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Uhhh....no.  Normally I'm a dude that dishes out insanely hurtful comments, but for your sake, and this site's, I'm gonna be nice!  That way, you'll all remember me as the Merc With A Nice Mouth! :3


But yeah, all the points you explained basically take out the fun and challenge of playing a Kingdom Hearts game!  If a boss is giving me a hard time, I'll blow my brains out trying to beat it, and when I finally do, I feel a great sense of accomplishment!  Paying to not fight the boss is a cheap thing to do, ya know?


And I uh...don't understand the tournament part.  Are you talking about Hercules's tournaments in Mount Kratolympus, or just plain old tournaments like the Mirage Arena?  Cuz if that's what your talking about, then to the best of my knowledge, tournaments in KH games never made ya wait a day to re-enter them! :O


With the Ultima Weapon, same thing as my first point.  Paying to get it made just cheaps out the feeling of actually making it with your own two hands!  I wouldn't trade making the Ultima Weapon rather than just simply buying it for anything in the world!  Besides, once made, it gives all the players a great sense of accomplishment! :D


The thing about paying to fight a Japanese exclusive secret boss is actually a great idea!  But then again, considering how big KHIII will be, I don't think Nomura will make a Final Mix version that'll have new bosses we can't fight in the normal version, so I'm sure that all secret bosses made for the game will be available to everyone, ya know? :3


And for your final point, the same as with my first and third points!  Paying to reach an area you can't go to rather than learning to Glide or High Jump to get to it cheapens out the experience!  So okay, I can't go those certain places the first time around, but when I'm back with Glide, High Jump and other abilities, I feel great, because I feel like I've grown as I've leveled up, since I'm now able to go to areas I couldn't reach before! :)


Ugh, I'm starting to sound like Transcendent what's his name...but yeah,  you get my point!


I know you mean well, but I don't think we KH fans would like it if KHIII was divided into Episodes!  I mean, I'd still play it either way, but I prefer to have KHIII in one, total, complete package, ya know? :D


Deadpool, out!!! :P

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