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Hey There.

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Hello everyone!


Just call me Raim on here. That's my online alias.


I'm a 26 year old male from Nova Scotia, Canada.


I'm a massively devoted Kingdom Hearts fan. I won't get into huge detail, but the long story short I got stuck with an enviromental illness due to serious neglect by a landlord. I beat all odds, survived and overcame it. I am literally a walking miracle. I'll tell the whole story if anyone's interested in me enough and I get to know you well. I feel I survived mainly because my primary goal in life is to play Kingdom Hearts 3. I will stop at nothing to do so. I would like to believe Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas and Xion could do the same and overcome the odds.


I am a major Terra fan and would like nothing more then to see his return.


I'm pretty easy going, I value life and freedom above all else and I love intellectual conversation.


Anyway, I've been reading this site for years...but felt it was time to take some initative and join in the discussion. You all needn't worry about me. I know about forum ediquette quite well.


I hope to make many friends and have enjoyable conversations with you all.

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Welcome fellow keyblade wielder! Glad that you overcame that horrible neglect, believe me if you overcame that you can overcome everything! Just pray to God, believe in yourself, and have faith and he will help you get through the most difficult trials in your path. Again welcome to the site where you can enjoy Kingdom Hearts!!! God bless!!!

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Wow that's quite the intro! And now I definitely want to hear that story. I mean, you can't just say "I'm a walking miracle" and not elaborate :DAnyways, welcome and I hope you have fun here.

A memorable character always has a memorable intro, got it memorized? Haha.Once I get to know you all better I will share the tale. Thank you all, I don't plan on permanently leaving. I want to talk Kingdom Hearts! Oh, I like anime and manga too if that floats anyone's boat.

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