Walmart Video Game Thief Caught Then Urinates On Floor

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I swear, this is like the third time I've seen a news story involving video games and bodily fluids has pop up in recent memory.


Also it's sad that this is my first contribution to this side of the forums in a long while.

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Didn't this like happen already


Yeah, but that story was about a man literally pissing on video games. This still has to do with piss and video games, but still.


Oh yeah, and before that, some guy jerked off on a PS4 in public... so yeah.

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*Has my reading glasses on and reads the article, and after reading it, takes a sip of coffee, but it stains my mask, as I have it on me and did not take it off to take a sip of coffee, then clears my throat and clasps my hands together as if I were a psychiatrist.*


So then, after much thinking regarding these latest topics, it's come to my attention that these people have an illness called...Video Game Pee Fetish!  It's the unnatural urge a person gets to pee in public on video games, which happen to be things that many people love nowadays!  The victims of this illness take great joy and pleasure in pissing on games, and they feel sexually satisfied doing so!  Even though they get brought in by the cops, they still pee on video games!  This is an illness that's spreading everywhere, it would seem!  I'd pee on video games, but I'm the Merc With A Mouth, not the Merc With A Video Game Pee Fetish! xD


But yeah, these dudes are seriously nuts, and that's coming from me, a guy who's lost his nuts a long time ago! X3

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