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What is your least favorite part of Disney Town?

What is your least favorite part of Disney Town?  

104 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your least favorite part of Disney Town?

    • Fruit Ball
    • Rumble Racing
    • Pete's Rec Room
    • Ice Cream Beat
    • I actually liked them all
    • I did not like any of them
    • Another option? Tell us below!

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Maybe Rumble Racing would have been fine if there were more control over turning, like there is in Mario Kart. Fruitball would have been a fun idea to come up with, but it just wasn't that great because the big fruit take up half the screen, and the other parts of the mini-game were just too difficult to master. Pete's Rec Room made me madder than anything else, the whole point of a pin-ball game seems cool, but with bad controls over it and terrible camera control, it just isn't worth it. And don't get me start on the ice cream mini-game, I hated this more than I hate Ryu in Smash Bros, and that is a pretty deep hatred. All in all, I like exploring the world for time to time, but the mini-games just give me trouble and make me want to rage quit more than I would like to with a game series I enjoy. If there are going to be mini-games in KH3, they better be way better and more fun than Disney Town, like they were in KH2. 


(Also, my very first poll of the day suggestion! This went better than I could have ever dreamed. It feels nice to give back to this site. :) )

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fruitball. fruitball all the way. 

ice cream beat was a rhythm game that i didn't mind, except the button prompts could have been presented in a better way.

rumble racing was just offensively dull

but fruitball? fruitball was just one long painful experience. no skill involved. pure luck. you could hit a fruit forwards and have it fly backwards into your own goal and those grapes man. if they exploded on your side you are so boned. and screw the banana peels. 


when going for the BBS platinum, fruitball was the minigame that i hated the most, simply for not at least giving me a fair chance. it was totally crazy and you just had to hope your wild flails would result in a victory.  

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I really enjoyed that particular world the most! The music, the fun mechanics leading to Pete's Rec Room, and even the Rec Room itself! And did I mention that I'm a Major League Minigamer? xD



Rock on!

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Everyone who tried to get platinum trophy in BBS FM hates Disney Town. Having to complete all minigames in or from this world three times just isnt fun.

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Ugh Disney Town. :(  While Fruit Ball was actually pretty fun. Ice Cream Beat was a terrible mini game that required a basically perfect score to complete. Which is terrible if you're like myself and suck at rhythm games.

I agree. On the PSP version, I got stuck there as Ventus, and, even though it was "It's A Small World" and I know the beat, I just couldn't beat it.

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