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Wassup, I'm new, but since this isn't an introduction thread, I'll cut to the chase. Obviously KHIII is coming very soon. A lot of us are coming up theories with pieces of information we get. Right now I'm going to talk about a common theory. The identities of the 13 seekers of darkness. Forgive me if you all already have a good idea for them. I just haven't heard anybody talking about it recently. Onto my point!

Alright so what do we know already? Xehanort has gathered up nearly 13 people to represent the 13 darknesses for the war. The members consist of not only himself from different points in time, but also previous organization members from, which I call, the scouting group. So all that's confirmed is Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saix. That's 6 and the rest is left to guess. In DDD we've might've been confirmed two more, which is Vanitas and Riku Replica, or Repliku for short. Okay now that brings us at 8. Now who are the last 5? This is where this card comes in.

Posted Image


For those who've seen the KH3 trailer, this should look familiar. These are pieces to a chess game between Xehanort and Eraqus. Many have come to realize that these pieces might represent the members of each side. If that's the case this should make things a bit easier. Okay so let's see if we could identify the people with the gold pieces.


1. Xehanort

2. Saix (crescent moon at the center of it)
3. Xemnas 
4. Luxord (even if his weapons were cards, dice were heavily involved with his powers too)
5. Ansem (it resembles the head of his guardian.)
6. Vanitas (the keychain on his keyblade)
7. Demyx (it does slightly resemble his sitar) 
7.5. Xigbar (far left of 7 looks a little like his old crossbows)
8. Up for debate. I have a guess.
9. I'll talk about that one later. 
10. Larxene (resembles her knives) 
11. Young Xehanort (hourglass was also on his keyblade)


Now again all that is just theory for now. There is still 2 pieces missing to make it 13. But for mow let's talk about the two I held back on. Number 9 was something I wanted to save because after some thinking I came up with an answer. Look at 9 and now look at this. (

<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.khwiki.com/images/1/12/Lea" href="http://www.khwiki.com/images/1/12/Lea" s_keyblade_keychain_kh3d.png"=""> They look similar right? Well guess what, this is the keychain to Lea's keyblade. Question, why is this on the darkness side? Well if you want an idea check out this.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLdZ5BWDq8 ) After listening to that and seeing what I just found out, it's scarily close to making sense, and I don't want it to be true cause I like Lea. Now for number 8. This is still a guess, but by process of elimination it's most likely Repliku. And considering the the symbol looks like a hollow object, yup sounds like Repliku. So what do you guys think? You think I'm on to something, or do you have a good idea?

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wasn't this theory brought up back when the trailer first came out?

well whatever i guess.

yea i wouldn't put it past SE to slip some symbolism into those chess pieces. i mean it's Xehanort and Eraqus talking about light and darkness while playing a game of wits. how could they resist putting symbolic icons and whatnot in there, right?

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Yeah this theory isn't particularly new. But some can't quite pinpoint what some of them symobolize, so I'm just putting down what I think they are. Especially the Lea part, that's the one I most recentIy found.

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I was sort of skeptical at the idea at first too, cause it would mean an old man putting himself inside a woman. (many ways I could word that better) Then I started accepting it when I realized she shows many qualities similar to Xehanort. She's cold, cruel, manipulative, and very in touch with her dark side. That and since she was the only female in the first organization (i'm not counting Xion) so I guess they're trying to apply that in the new one too.

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I still believe both sides will be:


Seekers of Darkness


1. Master Xehanort

2. Young Xehanort

3. Xigbar

4. Saix

5. Xemnas

6. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

7. Vanitas

8. Terranort

9. Luxord

10. Master Ava

11. Some sort of Xion clone, or maybe Roxas

12 and 13. Don't know


Guardians of Light 


1. Sora

2. Riku

3. Kairi

4. Mickey

5. Aqua

6. Ventus

7. Roxas or Lea

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The thirteen darkness will be all of the versions of Xehanort. Vanitas I believe will be number 13. The seven lights are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, and Mickey. Now, as for the chess pieces, that is rather vague and mysterious. Though we do see the symbols of the heroes and villains we know, we have no clue why there are more and less than seven and thirteen respectively. We'll probably see why in the opening cutscene for the game.

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Not in order of dice.






1. Xehanort

2. Xemnas

3. Ansem SOD

4. Braig

5. Isa

6. Young Xehanort



(Highly Sensible) - Much evidence


7. Vanitas (Xehanorts Puppet, and appears in a DDD cutscene)

8. Terranort (Obviously Xehanort has already possessed Terra, and even said "another on your list belongs to me now" most likely referencing Terra)

9. Riku-Ansem (Another possessed form of Ansem, and would make sense to see Riku face his former self. I don't think it will be Repliku just because Riku-Ansem makes more sense as an already possessed form)




(Low evidence)


10. Luxord (the dice+ probably the least in depth character of organization, and had no flaws of treason or weakness.)

11. Marluxia (Marluxia has been subtly hinted with the flower thing, and in my opinion was one of the stronger characters in the game. Was a treasonous member, but who the hell knows with KH.)



(Pure Speculation)


12. Middle aged Xehanort (In some form. I'm not thinking the apprentice Xehanort, since that's technically Terranort without his memories, though this could be a form. Since there is a young Xehanort, many speculate somewhere between old coot+ young pup.

13. Hm... I'll go less boring here and say Xion. My only insight is that she is a puppet, and Xemnas did tamper with her.



7 guardians of light




1. Sora

2. Riku

3. Mickey




4. Aqua (They have to go save her in the ROD, to save the others.)

5. Ventus (Only Aqua knows where he is located. Only way he is not a light is if The darkness's are able to locate him.)

6. Kairi (thought about putting this one up for debate, but I really think they are tired of making her princess peach. She is set to be training, and we may see some of her in 2.8. Even Yen Sid said we need a new kind of power)


(Up for debate)


7. Lea (A fan favorite, and does develop a keyblade. He is also interested in the keyblade, and was given a decent amount of depth of in DDD, and throughout the whole series as Axel. I think he could have a very interesting story in 3 with just having the keyblade, finding Roxas and Xion, and dealing with Isa.)




8. Terra (Obviously one of the trios, and maybe the strongest brute force character. I just don't think he will be one because I think he will be a darkness.)

9. Roxas (Strong dual Keyblade wielder, has the most interesting story in the series, has a reason to fight.)

10. Xion (Probably not, but could be brought back if they can't locate Aqua+Ventus.)

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