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Alternate look to Sora's KHIII outfit

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It's good honestly! I think both are awesome!


By the way, what happened to the zip? xD

Thank you very much! When I colored the shirt in it sorta bled out the zipper. I was gonna repair, but then I thought it would be a good twist to remove in my edit.


Needs more buttons and zippers.

Ah, I'll remember that when I make my update one day.


Soras kh3 costume needs more colour IMO, would go with more yellows myself but yours is good.

Oh I see, you must prefer the original then? It has more yellows.

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Not bad. I like it because it has more red. xD



Isn't red just great bro?


Pretty sweet edit!  I like how you were subtle with the changes, and I had to really keep my eyes open to see the differences!  Overall, nice edit on your part!  Both the original and your edit are great! :D

Thanks, that's what I was aiming to do. Glad it was a success. :)

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